The best of the GoDaddy blog 2018

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Will Stevens

On the GoDaddy blog we strive to bring you quality tips and advice to help you grow your small business.

But we also know you're busy and don't always have time to sit down and read. That's why we've put together this list of the best GoDaddy blog articles from 2018 so you can catch up on anything you might have missed.


The new year is always a good time to try new things and in that spirit we looked at how you can learn to blog in five simple steps.

We also explored why conversion rates matter for small businesses, a crucial topic if you're launching a new venture.

Then for anyone who wants to write their own website copy we looked at the best tools and resources to help your website copy shine.


February also started with a theme of starting something new, this time it was a look at four ways to start a new website for your small business.

Side hustles, that is a business that runs alongside your full-time job, were a constant presence on the GoDaddy blog in 2018, and in February, we provided you with a checklist for starting your own side hustle.

Then we looked at seven social media tools all small business owners should love, very useful if you're looking to promote your business to a new audience.


March started with a look at something a lot of people who do business online ignore - the importance of building a personal brand.

We also looked at another hugely important issue for online businesses - web design mistakes that could sabotage your site.

Finally in March, we looked at how to write SEO-friendly blog posts.


April brought another social media article, this time looking at how you can measure your social media campaigns in the right way.

We also explained how to start a WordPress maintenance business, perfect for anyone looking to add an extra income stream to an existing WordPress dev company.

Then for those of you who need a helping hand getting things done, we looked at why Office 365 is the small business tool you need to boost productivity.


In May, we started to talk about the importance of SSL certificates in light of a change in the way Google Chrome handles sites without SSL certificates. You can learn more in our article "does my small business website need an SSL certificate?".

There was also a post on how to get inside the heads of your customers, so why not learn how conduct a survey to find out what your customers are really thinking?

Lastly for May, we had some helpful hints for small businesses looking to get more customers through the door in "Five ways to get more local customers".


To start June, we looked at how a blog can help your business (and ways to set one up).

Then we posted a bumper post dealing with how to start a website, it's perfect for any beginners.

We also talked about how to use word of mouth marketing to drive sales for your business.


The second half of the year started with a series of interviews from GoDaddy's visit to WordCamp Europe. You can see what we got up to in our WordCamp recap.

We also looked at six ways bar owners can encourage more regular customers through their doors.

Then there was a post on how to get a business loan, perfect if you're looking to secure funding for your business.


In August, we updated our social media image sizes cheat sheet. It's the perfect resource if you're creating new images for your social profiles.

We also revisited the topic of getting started online with "how to start your own UK business with no money".

Finally this month, we talked about how to create the perfect call to action for your WordPress site.


In September we gave you advice on how to take control of digital distractions, before explaining how to find free images for your website.

We also talked about the importance of SEO for small businesses.


October was security month on the GoDaddy blog, so we looked at seven common website security vulnerabilities small business owners need to know about.

There were also ten tips to help you create stronger passwords, and advice on how to check if a website is safe.

As a bonus for October, we also explained why it's so important for a small business to  have a Google My Business page. It's a must read if you're running a local business.


In November, we talked about the thorny issue of which CMS you should you for your website. Perfect if you're struggling to understand which is the best option for your new project.

We also addressed the burning issue of if you have to submit a URL to Google, which is a great primer on SEO basics.

Then there was a look at Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor which was finally launched in December.


The last month of the year started with a look at how to make money as a web pro, great if you're considering a new career.

And finally, we ended 2018 with two posts aimed to spur you on to greater success in 2019 - marketing ideas for small business success in 2019, and the best small business apps for 2019.

Whatever your plans for the new year, good luck!