Why Ventures Matter

Everyday entrepreneurs are lifting their communities and the economy. Discover what makes a venture and the many ways they impact the nation.

The Outsized Impact of Everyday Entrepreneurs

What Ventures are:

A venture is a discrete domain name with an active website. It can be a business, non-profit, cause, or idea and have services like email, payments, or security attached. Many GoDaddy customers have more than one venture.

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Across similar communities, adding 1 venture per 100 people is associated with:


Higher annual gains in
median household income


Increase in Median Household Income

From 2016-2018, annual household median income increased nationally an average change of $3,606 across all counties. Adding 1 highly active venture per 100 people would add $408 per household, or an increase of 11.3%. The chart above shows that increase across three types of counties.


Lower unemployment rates


Decrease in Percentage Point Unemployment Rate

Adding 1 additional venture per 100 people is associated with reducing unemployment by .05 percentage points. The average unemployment rate in the U.S. in 2018 was 4% across all counties. Adding 1 venture could take it down to 3.95%, or a reduction of 1.3%.


Stronger Recovery from the Great Recession


Increase in Recession Recovery Score

On average, counties with 2.2 or more highly-active ventures per 100 people are in the positive Recession Recovery* range. Adding 1 highly-active venture would add 3.75 points to the mean of -3.2 across all 3000+ counties. *Recession Recovery is measured as the change in Prosperity (2007-2011) and (2012-2018)

These results are updated with 2018 U.S. Census and 2019 unemployment figures and calculations. All data sources can be found and downloaded in the Research section.