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    Google Translate Feature Issue

    I recently launched a site with Website Builder and it worked out well.  GoDaddy's phone-in support is excellent.  I decided to try out the Google Translate integration and it works, but I can't use it if one cannot customize the translations, which Google has said you can do but I'm not sure it works.


    Pretty much every website has a "Home" link in navigation, and Google translated this to "Casa."  First of all, "Casa" is not the word for "home."  But I don't want "hogar" - I want Principio or Inicio.  I'm not putting a Spanish option out there with "Casa" in the navigation bar.  I would consider a little house icon if that were possible.


    An article from 2012 talks about hovering over a word and submitting an alternative, and says that if you are signed in to Google, the change will be permanent on your website.  I don't know if this "experimental" feature still exists, and I don't know what they mean about being signed in.  I typically have Gmail windows open for 2 Gmail accounts, so I'm signed in to 2 Google accounts, but despite that what association is there between my GoDaddy site and Google in terms of being "signed in" ?


    I can't see how this a good translation option for anyone wanting to offer a Spanish version.

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    Community Manager

    Hi @smjacoby. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! I'm not sure how you would change the translation on the Google side. However, one thing that might help is changing the name of the page on this side. Perhaps you could different word than "Home" for the English version of the page so that you get a different translation. If you want to try that, check out the gif below.GC-rename page.gif





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