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    Multiple themes, titles and backgrounds in Website Bulder

    Is it possible to apply a theme to individual pages or groups of pages in Website builder?  What about individual backgrounds per page based on theme?  I've created 6 pages in Website Builder 7 and want to apply two themes and backgrounds:  one to three pages and a different theme and backgrounds to the other 3.  How would that work with only using Website Builder tools?


    Also when I try and change the title of three pages to a different name, the layers are locked and Website Builder won't allow the changes.  Is it possible to have multiple titles on only one website?



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    Hi @InWA,

    Welcome to our forums. You cannot apply more than one theme per Website Builder site. Therefore you cannot apply a theme to individual pages. You also have to keep the same background for each page. You can change the title, check it out here.

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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