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    Adding "www" in front of "clfinanzas.com"

    Hello Everyone,


    Whether I type www.clfinanzas.com or clfinanzas.com, they both resolve to my website however in the address bar only "https://clfinanzas.com" appears and remains.


    How can I get "https://www.clfinanzas.com" to appear and remain in the address bar?


    Thank you,

    Emiliano Ortiz

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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Adding "www" in front of "clfinanzas.com"

    Hi @clfinanzas. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! With our Website Builder, it's made to use the domain without www. In other words, www will always redirect to the version of the domain without any prefix (ie. the naked domain). There are ways you can work around this when the site does not use HTTPS. However, this method makes use of our forwarding service, which does not accept HTTPS requests. In your case, you would need to just have your site appear at clfinanzas.com. However, keep in mind that having www or not does not have an effect on how your site functions or whether or not it will appear in search engines. You may find this interesting:



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