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    Embedding a Calendar

    I'm not really feeling the display of the events on the Calendar page of my website. Is there a way to just embed a google calendar into the website? I've tried a few things but nothing seems to work. 

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    Community Manager
    Community Manager

    Re: Embedding a Calendar

    Hi @hzuchowski. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! If you're using GoCentral, there isn't currently the option of embedding scripting. That may be something that is added in the future, though. The only calendar that would be available right now is the one included with the builder. 


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    Re: Embedding a Calendar

    Well that sucks, thanks for the information Jesse!

    Re: Embedding a Calendar

    It would be great if we could get some options sooner rather than later. This is bad enough that I've started looking in to other website templates. So yeah, I might have to build a whole new site with something more functional like WordPress, it's that important to me and my customers who are trying to use this.

    Re: Embedding a Calendar


    Is there any widget/plugin for appointment bookings that I can add or embed on your site with Website Builder? I was looking at Setmore but didn't want to set it all up then have it not able to embed on the site. 


    Calendar/Events Issue



    Simple site, I have added the iCal link, but the display says Calendar Synced but 'no upcoming events'. I have attached the same calendar below so you can see there are events in the calendar... Any reason it cant display the events on the calendar?

    Re: Embedding a Calendar

    Where is the one included in the builder?