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    Relative amateur here. I've researched the subject and been given conflicting advice so I thought, where better to ask?! 


    I'd like to arrange my pages in an appropriate 'secondary subpage' style. I've figured the use of drop-downs on the homepage, but this appears to just hyperlink to a page elsewhere on the server, as opposed to following a 'tree' structure. 


    To clarify, currently, my home page is 


    www.thetentpeg.co.uk to which, when I click one of my drop down options directs to https://thetentpeg.co.uk/the-lake-district


    However, when I click a 'link' within this page, it then directs to https://thetentpeg.co.uk/patterdale-x-angle-tarn-x . 


    I would rather like to be able to see a 'secondary' subpage within the 'address' I.E. (www.thetentpeg.co.uk/the-lake-district/patterdale-x-angle-tarn-x


    A secondary issue of the lack of being able to properly 'tree' my web pages is the awfully disorganised manner they appear within the 'pages' section of the website builder.


    Am I pretty limited by the apparently basic functionality of the website builder on this? Or am I missing something blindingly obvious? 


    Thank in advance!


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    Hello @ZacUrquhart and thank you for being a part of the Community!


    With the Websites + Marketing Builder, you can add pages and sections. You are limited to the structure provided as it is supposed to be a more streamline service.


    There is an alternative that you can try that might help you achieve what you are looking for. To keep the link on the same page or "tree structure", you could create a blog post within each section. This will open up the post in a new window under the section you want.


    You can always try this workaround or if you require more control over your site, GoDaddy does offer WordPress Hosting. Please reach out to GoDaddy Support for an account review to discuss whether WordPress Hosting would best fit your needs. I hope this helps and you enjoy the rest of your weekend 😎.


    GoDaddy Support is available 24/7 via phone or chat!


    GoDaddy Support is available 24/7!