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    Increase text in section title

    I'm developing an art related site and within the Gallery page I have 4 sections with different types of art.  The title of each section is limited to 150 characters - but I would like to have more characters to describe the art in the particular section and also what the inspiration for it might have been.  Is there any way to increase the 150 character limit?  Thanks for any help you can provide.  

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    Re: Increase text in section title



    Web builders make creating a contemporary website easy -- but with that comes the limitations of the web builder app.  In this case, the character limit on title for galleries cannot be modified because we do not have access to the code. 😞


    With that said, the title is the title -- not the description.  A work around may be to add the 6 photo Content widget to your page.  You can then upload your images, have 100 characters for a description and then add a link to a page that tells the story and goes into more detail.


    Since you mention "describe the art in the particular section" you could create a page about each section, and link each image in the widget to the page about that section. 


    While this approach is not a "gallery" per se, it will allow you accomplish your goal of showing your photos, titles and then being able to link over to more details.


    If you are finding the GoCentral builder limiting it could indicate you've outgrown it and may want to consider stepping up to WordPress where you can do what you describe and have more control.


    HTH! 😉


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