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    Question - How to delete "EDIT"

    Can you please help. See this webpage: https://magicmarron.com.au/buy-marron-live-online/


    The "EDIT" link at the bottom (after March 2018) should not be there.. how can I delete it?


    Thanks 🙂

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    Resolver I

    Re: Question - How to delete "EDIT"

    Hi there,


    This is a Wordpress website and you are probably logged in as the admin.


    By default, Wordpress will show to a logged in user with permissions to edit this "Edit" link as a shortcut. If you log out and refresh the page you will not see it anymore, so you should not be bothered about it because your visitors will not see it.


    If you still want to remove it, log in to your Wordpress admin, navigate to "Appearance > Widgets", and look for the main sidebar widget. Once you locate it, remove (drag out) from that widget the "Meta" line and you are all set.


    I hope this helps! If it does, please hit that Kudos below 🙂