PanelDraw Solutions
Mr. Abhishek Bansal

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At a glance
Business: PanelDraw Solutions
Founded: May 2013
GoDaddy helped us: Consolidate online services with one company – it’s been key to PanelDraw’s early success.
Results: Over 2,000 downloads of the software within months of launch.

Product snapshot

Domain: A unique online presence gave PanelDraw Solutions maximum visibility within its select target audience.

Web Hosting: Reliable and fast Web Hosting from GoDaddy kept up and running.

SSL Certficate: Secured transactions and customer data, providing an added level of trust.

SEO: Made it easy for customers to search and find on search engines.

It started with a blueprint

“With everything being made available online, why not our software?” This was the guiding thought that inspired Mr. Abhishek Bansal, owner of M/S Magnetix & Electronix, to set up a virtual store for his software project. He founded PanelDraw Solutions as the technology arm of his parent company. He then launched his virtual store,, in May 2013.

PanelDraw provides electrical panel design software solutions for electrical drafting professionals. It simplifies the drawing generation procedure and significantly reduces the preparation time for designers. The tools have been designed to require no heavy installations, and the system resource requirement has been kept at a minimum.

PanelDraw has seen quick and early success. The trial version of the software has been downloaded 2,000 times, providing Mr. Bansal with numerous leads and sales in markets across India. Mr. Bansal praises his online partner, GoDaddy, for his success. GoDaddy’s products and online marketing tools helped Mr. Bansal’s website achieve high search engine rankings and increased visibility.

GoDaddy helps design the master plan online

Mr. Bansal discovered GoDaddy in a Google search. After visiting, he decided to consolidate his web needs with one company. Product offerings and attractive pricing were the clinchers that made him choose GoDaddy. GoDaddy’s reputation as the largest registrar in the world also gave Mr. Bansal the confidence he’d made the right decision.

He registered his domain name with GoDaddy and added Web Hosting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and an SSL Certificate to secure his customers’ transactions and personal data. Throughout the buying process and setup, Mr. Bansal found his online goals were easy to achieve.

“GoDaddy’s do-it-yourself approach was true in every sense, even for a layman in web development,” he said.

Get targeted visibility

Search Engine Visibility (SEV) from GoDaddy fulfilled its promise to increase’s search rankings and provide quick exposure. Mr. Bansal’s experience using GoDaddy’s SEO services was extremely simple.

“They did all the heavy lifting,” he said.

With help from GoDaddy’s keyword generator lists, Mr. Bansal was able to select the best keywords to attract the right audience to his website. And he was able to submit his website’s pages to over 100 leading search engines with just one click. Search Engine Visibility’s reporting structure has helped Mr. Bansal monitor how his website rank is increasing.

“The proof of its success is really in the numbers,” Mr. Bansal said. “The trial software has already been downloaded over 2,000 times.

The assurance of protection

To procure the full license for the trial software, Mr. Bansal’s customers have to include their payment details online for the transaction to take place. GoDaddy’s SSL Certificate provided an added level of trust and credibility to his website. In just one click, Mr. Bansal’s SSL certificate was installed, and it was issued in minutes.

GoDaddy SSL Certificates provide strong data encryption, and they’re compatible with all major browsers. GoDaddy also offers dedicated online and phone support 24x7x365. Mr. Bansal found peace of mind knowing GoDaddy was always available to address his questions and concerns.

Excellent customer service

Mr. Bansal praises GoDaddy’s customer service team for offering timely support. At one point while setting up his website, Mr. Bansal called the support team to resolve an issue. To his delight, the issue was resolved quickly and efficiently.