Rajan Kanwar

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At a glance
Business: Snoozzy
Founded: In 1992, with its first retail store established in 1996
GoDaddy helped us: Start selling online with a simple, quick and affordable eCommerce website.
Results: Being a part of the burgeoning online furniture marketplace.

Product snapshot

GoDaddy Online Store: Includes everything needed for a complete eCommerce website.

Designs on your home

The name Snoozzy suggests this furniture manufacturer’s promise to its customers. Specializing in living room seating that is “comfortable to snooze in,” Snoozzy is an old hand in the business, having started in 1992 in New Delhi, building its reputation around quality products and service.

Key to the company’s success is its owner, Mr. Rajan Kanwar, who has been quick to spot trends, both with the kind of products he brings to the market and in recognizing industry shifts. Spotting an opportunity in eCommerce, Mr. Rajan knew he had to move his business online in order to reach customers where they were looking to research, compare and buy products. Snoozzy unveiled its online shop, earlier this year.

First impressions

A chance viewing of a GoDaddy advertisement inspired Mr. Rajan to choose GoDaddy’s Online Store. “It was just the solution I was looking for,” he says, and wasted no time logging on to the GoDaddy website to make his purchase. What he encountered during the purchase process reaffirmed his decision.

“GoDaddy Online Store offers customizable website pages, a mobile-friendly web store and tops that with competitive pricing. With these as its differentiator, it really is a winner,” he confirms.

Create, manage, sell – GoDaddy makes it all easy

GoDaddy’s Online Store offers everything a business may need for a complete eCommerce website – simple set-up and design, built-in payment processing, professionally designed templates and the support of top-notch 24/7 customer service.

The GoDaddy Online Store had Mr. Rajan’s eCommerce website up and running quickly and easily. “Choosing the GoDaddy Online Store allowed me to hit the ground running.

To set up my eCommerce website I just chose a design, added my products and was in start-up mode within days, as it comes integrated with a payment gateway. The professionally designed layouts are customizable, allowing me to create a store as unique as my products."

Mr. Rajan is particularly impressed by the ease of using the GoDaddy Online Store to build his eCommerce website and refers to it as “the best place for people who wish to do it themselves.” We’re here to help 24/7.

Turning the tables

As per industry reports, the online furniture market in India is expected to grow to ₹15,000 crore by 2017, buoyed by the trend of more and more people buying furniture via PCs and mobiles.

Mr. Rajan is happy to be a part of this industry growth. He gives credit to GoDaddy for being in this position today. “As a business man focused on my customers first, I did not have the time or the expertise to set up an online store. I could not have imagined having my eCommerce store up and running in the time I did, affordably and without compromise. All thanks to GoDaddy Online Store."