Suvidhaa Infoserve Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Paresh Rajde

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Business: Suvidhaa Infoserve Pvt. Ltd.
Founded: 2007
GoDaddy helped us: Buy a premium domain that made our certified website easy to find and acquire a global presence and credibility.
Results: Suvidhaa conducts gross transactions of nearly INR 400 crores monthly across a network of 65,000 retailers.

Product snapshot

Domain: A premium domain gives Suvidhaa greater marketing potential to build a memorable online brand and make a global impact on the web.


‘Suvidhaa,’ a Suvidhaa Infoserve Pvt. Ltd. (SIPL) franchise, is a payment and remittance company. It aggregates a variety of services — travel, utility, e-Governance and entertainment — from partner companies and facilitates transactions. Consumers simply walk into grocery stores, medical stores or cyber cafes and pay cash for the services they need at one of 65,000 locations. Suvidhaa outlets serve 20 million unique visitors and enable 3 million transactions every month.

.com is the gold standard

Suvidhaa’s objective is to empower consumers to pay bills and manage transactions online. To meet this objective, Mr. Paresh Rajde, founder and chairman of SIPL, decided to register, a premium domain name, for his business. But first, he had to justify the domain acquisition and win the support of his company’s internal stakeholders.

“Since we want to take our business global and start international remittance services, we wanted to understand if acquiring a .com domain name would create a significant impact in terms of customer perception,” said Mr. Rajde.

Suvidhaa conducted a survey, and the survey’s results affirmed the value of owning a .com domain. Mr. Rajde knew purchasing a .com would be a valuable investment in Suvidhaa’s future, so his next step was finding a trustworthy partner.

Mr. Rajde recalls that his experience with GoDaddy was easy and collaborative. Response time was great, and GoDaddy provided helpful advice.

Registering a premium domain name

Premium domains like are domains already owned and made available for sale at a premium price. They are generic in nature and more marketable than other domains, since many premium domains already receive significant traffic.

Prices vary and depend on marketability and economic trends. Businesses that acquire premium domains can often reap the benefits of the domain’s established online presence and existing web traffic.

Customer service goes above & beyond

Mr. Rajde’s decision to use GoDaddy’s premium domain service paid off. A GoDaddy personal domain buy agent contacted Suvidhaa and helped Mr. Rajde purchase The agent made sure the premium domain transaction went as smoothly as any other domain purchase.

GoDaddy’s ‘Good as Gold’ payment option also helped simplify the payment process. India limits net banking and credit card transactions, and this payment method allowed Suvidhaa to transfer funds directly between bank accounts.

“We faced some issues with regards to paying for the premium domain because of banking norms in India,” Mr. Rajde said. “However, this problem was solved within a week. GoDaddy’s ‘Good as Gold’ payment option allowed us to remit funds without a fuss.”

Remittance service aside, the Suvidhaa team is delighted with the advice and quick attention it received from the GoDaddy customer service team.

“GoDaddy folks went out of their way to help us,” Mr. Rajde said. “The overall support has been exemplary. The agent and executives at all levels were helpful and knowledgeable. I am extremely satisfied."

Reaching milestones, one domain at a time

After experiencing GoDaddy’s remarkable support, customer service and seamless premium domain purchasing process, SIPL has registered 80 other domains with GoDaddy. These domains are variants of the Suvidhaa name and include domain name extensions like .mobi to complement Suvidhaa’s mobile strategy. The company is gearing up for the launch of in early 2014 and will be redirecting its .net and .in websites to

For the country’s largest, highly awarded marketplace for customer-centric services and payments, a premium domain is just another feather in Suvidhaa’s cap.

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