Saurabh P. Rai

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Business: Webpeople
GoDaddy helped me: Integrate all our clients’ accounts on one dashboard for effortless access. “A one-stop shop.”
Results: Exceed client expectations and make more money.

Product snapshot

GoDaddy Pro program: GoDaddy Pro is built exclusively for web designers to manage their client portfolios with ease.

Putting the web to work

Webpeople is passionate about helping its clients promote themselves on the web. In business since 2012, this Ahmedabad-based firm offers its clients an end-to-end services portfolio, from domain bookings to creating digital campaigns, that helps them amplify their communication and reach more customers.

Digital marketing in India is on an explosive growth trajectory. Several industry reports have forecast it to grow to the region of INR 4000 Cr by 2016. Webpeople is no stranger to this high growth—it has signed on numerous clients since its start, and business continues to stream in. This has posed a challenge, albeit a positive one, for its founder and CEO Mr. Saurabh P Rai. “It is a delight to serve our clients, but owing to the sheer volume of business, it is also cumbersome to keep track of so many client accounts at the same time,” he shares.

A perfect solution

Mr. Saurabh was introduced to the GoDaddy Pro program via an emailer’s recommendation, and it could not have come at a more opportune time, he says. GoDaddy Pro is a new program developed specifically to serve web designers and web developers and their need to manage clients and their products.

Having been a GoDaddy customer for over seven years, Mr. Saurabh was very familiar with GoDaddy’s world class product offerings and award-winning customer support. He wasted no time in signing up for the GoDaddy Pro program.

It delivers

As a member of the GoDaddy Pro program, Mr. Saurabh finds himself in a position of confidence to exceed his clients’ expectations and make more money at the same time. “That’s a perfect combination for doing business, isn’t it?”

GoDaddy Pro is the perfect professional problem solver

At his creative best, Mr. Saurabh takes time out to describe what he calls the 3 P’s of the GoDaddy Pro program that make it an ideal solution for his business and others like him.

Professional: It’s a one-stop shop that enables the easy management of all client’s products via a single dashboard.

Proactive: The heart of the program lies in its thoughtfully-created purchasing module. It allows Webpeople to email a shopping cart loaded with recommendations to the client. All the client needs to do is simply checkout by purchasing through any listed mode of payment.

Pro support: GoDaddy Pro offers site monitoring of clients’ websites that allows Webpeople to keep track of performance metrics. The GoDaddy Pro program comes with pro support, i.e. access to a special direct line to customer support that is more technical and more direct than standard support.

An early user of the GoDaddy Pro program, Mr. Saurabh says that not only has it helped with the easy management of their numerous clients, but the program has been instrumental in improving the quality of their service as well.

“This new service is a must-have for any web designer/developer like myself, as it makes it incredibly easy to handle all the logistics around clients’ accounts. We can now proactively monitor our client websites and take corrective action. It gives us peace of mind to know that we’ll be automatically alerted if a client’s website goes down. Since we have direct access to GoDaddy customer support, we’re confident of responding to our clients in record time.”

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