New top-level domain extensions (TLD) you never knew about

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Boris Lee

If you are stuck on getting your desired domain name and need some inspiration for new top-level domain extensions you can use, you're in the right place!

You took the leap of faith, started your own business and began selling on social media. Along the way, you realise every startup needs a website to continue to grow.

You made up your mind but you are probably wondering now, what domain name should I get for my website?

In fact, when I say domain name the first thing that probably comes to mind is the classic '.com' domain. Right?

Well, you are not alone, most people think this way. After all, it is the most common example, and forms the bulk of the earliest domains! As such, many people perceive dot com domain names as a good domain name.

While there were only a handful of generic top-level domains in the past, domain names are no longer limited to a '.com' only. Think about it - if all web addresses must contain dot com domain names, it means that there will be a limited number of such domains. Not the most viable option with more and more websites being built, isn't it?

The era of new domain extensions: more possibilities for domain names

Within the past few years, there has been a huge increase in domain name extensions that have allowed many businesses to stand out and be unique.

It's no secret that some domain names are not cheap. Domain squatters might just cost you a domain name that you really wanted for your business! That is the price to pay if you want to use a generic domain, or common top-level domain names like a .com.

This is where new and interesting top-level domain extensions come to the rescue. Talk about having a creative domain name and having more domain name options!

Not sure which one to pick for your business? Don't worry.

This domain guide will help you pick domain names better suited for your business. Understand best practises when choosing the right domain names that represent the nature and purpose of your brand. A good domain name for your business is just a few steps away!

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What is a domain?

Before we begin let's all be on the same page. What is a domain?

In short, the domain name is the identity of your website.

They are the addresses or URLs your visitors type on the browser bar to look for you. It basically helps people find you online.

Domains are composed of different parts. Let's speak about the most important components of them and their relationship.

A web address is divided into sections. The domain is the first part of a web address, which is a unique name that identifies your site on the internet. It's kind of like a street address for your website.

Components of a domain

First, let's talk about Second-Level domains or SDLs. They are basically what makes you stand out. This is the part where you put your brand name, company name, or how you want to be known as.

Anything goes!

For example, in, 'mysample' is the SDL.

Now, it is important to understand domain extensions.

After the SDLs, you've noticed that they are followed by an extension. This is known as a Top-level Domain or TLD in short. In essence, they are the part of a domain name that comes after the dot.

This tells the domain-name system (DNS) how to interpret your domain name.

For example, in, '.com' signifies that this domain belongs to a company while '.org' stands for organisations and '.edu' for educational institutions.

There are also country-specific TLDs. Like .sg or .hk, for Singapore and Hong Kong respectively.

Basically, you can't register a domain without a top-level domain name.

New TLDs: A world of endless possibilities

As you may know, domains are meant to be unique on the internet. There can only be one domain with a particular domain name registration. This is why picking the right TLD is crucial for your business.

This is how you make a first good impression.

With the many domain extensions you see today, it can be difficult to pick a domain that best represents your business or even more so, sometimes your domain idea could be taken already.

New TLDs can be a great option for businesses looking to get domain names that is both creative and memorable.

It's not as hard as it looks! There are several TLDs that can bring a simple site to life!

Sidenote: TLDs have to be short and catchy.

But what most people don't know is that there are actually new domain names that can be used instead of .com, .net, and .org.

There is a world beyond these most common domain extensions, also known as Generic top-level domains.

If you are ready to distinguish yourself, then it's time for you to explore the endless possibilities with these new TDLs.

Researching for your perfect domain

Domain Name Couple Choosing a Website

You want to find the perfect domain name that will be memorable and stand out from the crowd. Right?

A domain name can impact your business in several ways, so it's important to take some time when researching for a domain name.

Worry no longer, my friend.

When it comes to domain names, GoDaddy has a world of possibilities available for you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a domain name:

Knowing Your Audience

Ask yourself: Will your audience feel identified with your domain? Will your brand become more appealing?

Think about what domain extensions could represent you and your business better.

For example, if you're thinking of starting a bakery, it would make sense to register domain names related to cakes and pastries and the like (e.g .cakes, .pastry). That would vary if you are starting a real estate website for your business.

Also, it's important to make sure that domain extensions are available for purchase.

Remember: The shorter, the better.

Think Memorable.

When it comes to domain names, shorter ones tend to be more memorable and easier to share on social media.

For example, if your domain is or something similar, you can try shortening it by dropping the 'bakery' part of your domain. and using ".bakery" as a TLD.

Like this: www.myname.bakery

This will make your domain name look more catchy and memorable.

With GoDaddy domain names, you can also get cool and professional email aliases to go along with your creative domain name.

So take some time to look around for the best TLDs that suit your personality!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing your next TLD:

  • Avoid numbers or any other symbols
  • Make it short and memorable
  • Your URL has to be easy to spell and say it out loud
  • Try our domain name generator to find a unique name

No matter what your industry is there's always a way to add a modern fresh look to your URL to match your business's branding and goals.

Below we put together some cool and creative TLDs according to various business categories.

TLD for food, beverage and restaurant websites

Domain Name Three Women Discussing and Smiling at Restaurant

Industry-specific domain names are great options to make your domain name stand out, and make it easier for you to market yourself online.

If you own a restaurant or manage a food service business, having domain names with words related to your craft, your line of business or the products or services you offer will definitely connect better with your audience.

Again, these descriptive domain extensions related to your business should be simple, short and catchy.

Here are some domain extensions for food or beverage businesses:


This is a great option if you're looking to make it easier for your customers to find your restaurant online.

A pretty straightforward option.

This domain term is short, understandable and makes it easy for anyone who wants to visit your website or refer someone else over.

You put food on the table, we help you with the rest.


This domain extension will perfectly suit any food business, like bakeries or other food services, eCommerce platforms selling food-related products that are into food blogging or review websites.


Own a coffee shop? A cafe? This domain name will be great for any coffee shop, pastry shop (cake shops) and other cafes.


Are you a foodie? A Chef? Running a cooking school or a cooking show? Then this domain name extension will be perfect for you!


If you have a kitchenware store, kitchen supplies, or you're just the coolest food blogger in town, then this domain is the best option for you.

.menu is another creative TLD for restaurants, pubs, bars or any other businesses related to food & beverage. This is a really cool option to host your business's menu online.

Other interesting examples:

  • .pizza
  • .pub
  • .recipes

The great thing about these domain extensions is that they are super catchy and will make your domain sustainable, easy to remember.

TLD for content creators & building portfolio

Domain Name Man Standing Taking Notes and Woman Using Laptop

If you are in the creative space you know how important it is to get exposure and let people see your work.

One of the best ways to do this is by creating a domain name that speaks about your craft, your creations and who you've worked with.

For instance, if you're a designer, you can try using domain extensions related to art & design or creativity in general. These extension options would be great to describe what you do and what you stand for.

Whatever you do, the key to getting clients is having a portfolio with a unique domain name on it. One that will define you as a creative and give you the exposure and domain authority you need.

This list works best for those who work in digital media, marketing, advertising, print design, photography and video or any other related field that requires a great visual presence online.

.review / .reviews

Nowadays, it's popular for people to rely on reviews to make an educated online purchase decision. These top-level domains are directed at people who are looking for opinions or ratings of a particular product or service.

If you're a travel blogger and you like to write reviews about tourist attractions, new restaurants in town or places to stay, this is the TLD your domain name needs.

But .review is not limited to all the places connected to your next holiday destination.

This domain extension will be great for any kind of review website, from fashion to food!

Hey everyone loves reviews! Think of a doctor, lawyer, and other service businesses. Almost every business these days wants to include customer testimonials and relevant opinions from experts.

.photography / .photos / .pictures

If your work is visual, be it audio, video or motion graphics, then you need to register your domain name on one of these extensions.

Think about it: People always love to start their search for a new camera, app or software with the word "photography".

This domain extension will be great for those who run photography blogs as well as any type of visual website that includes work from graphic designers, animators and other related creative fields.


Are you a journalist? Do your visitors have particular questions about your product or service? Perhaps, you have something to say or help clear some misconceptions for your audience?

Fyi stands for "For Your Information". Fyi.

This domain name is perfect for sharing tips, facts and interesting articles related to virtually any industry.

People will be able to find the right information that they are looking for and you'll be seen as an expert in your domain!

For example, if your domain is '’ you can share interesting photography facts or tips there or you can use this page to answer common questions your visitors have.

.fyi domain is the best for sharing news and tips that will help your audience in their day to day life.

For instance, if you're a fitness blogger and offer workout tips for women who want to live a healthy lifestyle then domain name .fyi will be great for you!


It's time to share your information with the world!

.info domain name is the perfect domain extension for bloggers, journalists, writers and anyone who wants to share their knowledge with people online.

This domain name says that your website is an informational page where you'll be able to offer value at all times.

The .info domain extension will be super easy to remember and direct all the web traffic to your domain. Try this domain if you'd like to create a blog, share news or even release an online press kit!

Want to create a website for your next event? .info works well for weddings, concerts or any type of event you want to promote.

.info is also the best domain name for beginners because it immediately tells people what to expect on your website.

.bio / .space

The .bio domain extension is for those who want to share their life story or a quick message with the world.

This domain name is perfect for people who enjoy writing about themselves and talking about what they do, where they live and how to contact them online.

If you're kinda famous, then the .bio domain name will provide your audience with all the relevant information they need about you. If you're not, but still want to build a personal website or an online CV, ‘.bio’ can help you get your name out there for potential employers to see.

Alternatively, the .bio TLD has been used by businesses in the field of farming and the food industry. If you're looking to share relevant articles on farming, biofuels or any other related domain then domain name .bio is a perfect choice for you.

.space domain extension is for those who want to share their thoughts with the world and talk about things that they love!

It's a great domain if your content is informative. If you're an innovator and want to share something creative. The .space domain is great for online portfolios. A fitting choice for freelancers, designers, content writers and more.

TLD for service providers

Domain Name Couple Looking At Laptop In Living Room

At this point, you know that TLDs are all about standing out and finding the domain that best fits your personality, but choosing domain extensions for service-related businesses can be tricky.

The way people search for services online or through mobile apps is always changing, so make sure you choose domain names that are descriptive and relevant to your business's goal.

Here are some domain extensions you might want to consider:

.work / .company / .expert

As a business owner, you want your domain name to be short and descriptive. If you're starting a new venture or planning to change the domain for an already existing one then look no further!

The .work domain extension is perfect for companies who offer their services online. The .company domain extension is a great option as well, since it's short and easy to remember. In addition, this domain can be used by any company that wants to be easily found.

If you're a freelancer, .expert is a really creative way to let your clients know that you're ready to make a deal with businesses and help them solve their problems.

Fitness top-level domain: .fit, .fitness, guru, .healthcare

In the fitness field?

There are heaps of cool options to choose from. Domain extensions such as, .fit, .fitness are great for bloggers and fitness/ weight loss experts who want to share their knowledge with the world.

I can't seem to find a better way to stand out like an authority in any field than with .guru.

The .healthcare domain is ideal for healthcare professionals that want to share their knowledge and connect with the right crowd.

Construction top-level domain: .construction, .works, .builders, .build, .contractors, .repair

Domain names can be really creative and engaging but it's important to make sure they're relevant to your domain's goal.

If you are in the construction industry and have plans to build something awesome these domain names are what you're looking for.

Think of .repair it immediately attracts people who are looking for a particular service.

Consultancy top-level domain: .business, .consulting

If you're a domain expert then go for domain names that are short and easy to remember.

The domain extensions mentioned above are perfect if you're planning to launch an online consulting service. It's also a great choice that adds immediate professionalism to your domain name.

Secure your dream domain names right now

These new and interesting TLDs are a fun, creative way for businesses to brand their domain name, express themselves and stand out.

These domain extensions are ideal for any website that you're looking to build! From either a brand new domain or an already existing one, choose the TLD that best fits your business needs. Don't be fixated on only using common and generic TLDs! Be an early adopter and stand out with a unique domain for your website.

If you are looking for domain names that are personalised, GoDaddy can help you choose the best to show your human side. Find the complete list of our available TLDs here.

Pick your perfect domain today! Start your search here or message us if you need some advice from our customer support team.

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