Top 10 trending products to sell online

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Choosing the best products to sell online is one of the most important steps in building a successful ecommerce business. 

But with a plethora of options across an endless number of industries, how do you decide which ones to sell? 

This guide will discuss the 10 top trending products in Canada. 

We’ll also cover why launching an online store can be a lucrative move and how you can gain a competitive edge over other web stores. 

There is no definitive list of best products to sell online. As long as you have a stable demand and the means to manufacture and distribute, any product can drive success.  

With that in mind, here are some popular products to sell on the internet and why you should consider them for your ecommerce site.

1. Cargo pants 

Global Search Growth: 43.1% (YoY) 

Price range: $15 to $75+ 

Monthly Search Volume: 301.0K  

Suppliers: Target, City Beach, SHEIN 

What is it? 

Inspired by military-issue fatigues, cargo pants are casual wear that feature large hip pockets and a loose fit. They’re usually very durable, but comfortable at the same time.  

Cargo pants are popular with both men and women. 

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2. Denim pants 

Global Search Growth: 34.8% (YoY) 

Price range: $25 to $500+ 

Monthly Search Volume: 4.4K 

Suppliers: Just Jeans, SHEIN, Guess 

What is it? 

These rugged pants for men or women have been a mainstay for more than a century and are now seeing a surge in popularity.  

They’re available in a huge range of styles and colours (not to mention price points), making them a must-have for apparel retailers. 

3. Car cams 

Cámara para el coche

Global Search Growth: 26.5% (YoY) 

Price range: $50 to $250+ 

Monthly Search Volume: 1.3K 

Suppliers: Garmin, JB Hi-Fi, Autobarn  

What is it? 

When you need to record the road in front of you, car cams let you do so without taking your hands off the wheel.  

They can be used in all kinds of ways, from validating insurance claims, to capturing wild moments on the road. 

4. Custom mouse pads 

Global Search Growth: 113.3% (YoY) 

Price range: $5 to $50+ 

Monthly Search Volume: 9.9K 

Suppliers: Logitech, JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks 

What is it? 

With the sheer number of people using desktop computers, custom mouse pads have quite a bit of appeal.  

Create and apply your own custom designs or take it further by crafting mouse pads for specific uses like gaming. 

5. Pet beds 

Global Search Growth: 100% (YoY) 

Price range: $20 to $300+ 

Monthly Search Volume: 6.6K 

Suppliers: Snooza, My Pet Warehouse, Direct to Pet 

What is it? 

Give those fur babies somewhere warm and cosy to sleep.  

Pet beds can be basic and affordable, or they can use high-end materials and designs for your most discerning customers. This is a product that offers a lot of flexibility with widespread appeal. 

6. Power banks 

Global Search Growth: 8.1% (YoY) 

Price range: $10 to $1,000+ 

Monthly Search Volume: 6.6K 

Suppliers: Lenovo, Jackery, Ecoflow 

What is it? 

With units capable of powering everything from mobile phone recharges to full-size appliances, the popularity of power banks reflects today’s remote-first, on-the-go culture.  

You could specialise in smaller units for personal devices or “van life” applications for off-grid living. 

7. Heatless hair curlers

Global Search Growth: 70.2% (YoY) 

Price range: $10 to $30+ 

Monthly Search Volume: 5.4K 

Suppliers: Hairhouse, Anthropologie, Mermade Hair 

What is it? 

Heatless hair curlers enable users to put them on overnight, so their  hair is styled when they wake up in the morning.  

For individuals who style their hair with a hot curling iron, this product can save 30 minutes each day. 

8. Claw clips 

Global Search Growth: 51.4% (YoY) 

Price range: $5 to $40+ 

Monthly Search Volume: 33.1K 

Suppliers: Urban Outfitters, Peloton Apparel, Lovisa 

What is it? 

Claw clips make it easier to manage long hair, letting users quickly clip up their hair and go. They come in a variety of colours and materials, and make an excellent cross-sell opportunity for beauty retailers. 

9. Pickleball paddles 

Global Search Growth: 152.6% (YoY) 

Price range: $20 to $150+ 

Monthly Search Volume: 40.5K 

Suppliers: Pickleball Superstore, My Pickleball, PickleballOnline  

What is it? 

Pickleball is all the rage these days, as it’s easier to learn than tennis and makes a more efficient use of space than tennis courts.  

Pickleball paddles are affordable to start with, and more expensive options are available for seasoned players. Check out the range of models you could offer at the links above. 

10. Cleaning gel 

Global Search Growth: 30.3% 

Price range: $5 to $30+ 

Monthly Search Volume: 880 

Suppliers: EnviroCare, GMA Supplies, Aurora Cleaning Supplies  

What is it? 

Push cleaning gel into hard-to-reach spaces — like AC vents or between interior car panels — and then pull it out to remove dust and gunk.  

Cleaning gel is essential for detailing cars, as well as cleaning electronic devices. 

Editor's note: You're going to need a website to sell online. GoDaddy's Online Store is an easy DIY site builder, while Managed WordPress Ecommerce hosting is a good choice for anyone wanting to build an online store with WordPress.

Why should you launch an ecommerce business? 

Online stores offer entrepreneurs a chance to build a brand with relatively low barriers to entry. Unlike a brick-and-mortar store that requires rent, permits and licences (and can take months to launch), you can begin selling online in less than 30 days from your home office.  

All you need to do to launch an ecommerce storefront is: 

Of course, the amount of work needed to build and launch your ecommerce store will depend on many things. 

But it is generally easier to launch an online store than a physical business. 

The flexibility of web stores is also enticing to many entrepreneurs.  

You can reach a much larger audience online than with a brick-and-mortar location. This means you can grow your sales exponentially faster than you could with a physical store

You can also sell products 24/7/365, which is not a viable option offline. This versatility and opportunity make ecommerce a great industry to build your business. 

Creating a successful ecommerce store depends on what products you choose to offer. Use this information as a starting guide for determining the best products to sell online, but ultimately you should pick products you believe in and are passionate about. 

Popular products to sell online FAQ 

Still have questions? The answers may be here.

How will the product be manufactured? 

If you intend to make them yourself, you will need to think about the steps required to acquire raw materials. Maybe you plan to use a local or international manufacturer — if that’s the case, you should look to negotiate production based on scale.  

Read the smart entrepreneur’s guide to product design for step-by-step instructions on everything from determining market demand to building a prototype

A way to avoid manufacturing altogether is by reselling goods, which requires partnering with other brands and manufacturers. 

Who is going to purchase your product? 

Some products are made to appeal to a large audience, although you can segment that audience with specific marketing messages.  

Other products target a niche industry that has a limited customer base

Successful ecommerce businesses can be found in both large industries and niche ones. The important thing to note is that they have found a way to effectively communicate their value proposition to their targeted consumers. 

Related: Find your niche and thrive 

How will you promote the product? 

Onsite and offsite SEO are two important strategies to include in your plan for marketing products online

Unfortunately, most ecommerce businesses don’t take the time to write unique and compelling product descriptions for their online products

They also don’t promote their products on social media or build a diversified link portfolio for their pages

Carrying out these steps can drastically improve the organic rankings of product pages for relevant search terms. 

What products are in high demand right now? 

It’s important to understand that trends can shift on almost a daily basis, given the amount of content online from news and influencers.  

However, based on longer-term events and observations, some products that may be in high demand right now include

  • Home fitness equipment and workout gear. 
  • Home office equipment, such as monitors, desks and ergonomic chairs, as many people continue to work from home. 
  • Electronic gadgets, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and gaming consoles. 
  • Cleaning and household supplies. 

Again, it's important to note that consumer demand can vary greatly depending on location, season and current events. 

By looking at what people are searching online, you can glean insights into trending products.  

Google Trends can be a valuable resource, as it classifies different types of searches, such as shopping or news. Keyword planning tools can also show search volume for a particular product or term.

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