Boost your eCommerce sales through an online marketplace

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Doug Bonderud

The growing impact of eCommerce in Australia can’t be overstated -- especially when it comes to online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

It will come as no surprise that in April 2020, online spending jumped by over 30% year over year.

A large part of this spending bump stems from pandemic pressures. But many experts believe the eCommerce increase isn’t just a flash in the proverbial pan — it’s a permanent spending shift.

And it’s not just happening here. Across the globe, consumers are choosing online purchases over in-person trips. They’re also discovering the benefits of having high-quality products shipped right to their door — and often free of charge.

The shift represents a massive opportunity for Australian entrepreneurs. They have the ability to expand beyond our borders and ride the eCommerce wave worldwide.

But improving online impact demands more than great products and a user-friendly web store; Australian companies need seamless integration with the most popular online marketplaces on the planet.

Here’s where GoDaddy can help.

Here's everything Online Store can do for you

First thing first: To succeed in competitive global marketplaces you need an online store that stands out.

Best bet? Start with GoDaddy’s DIY Online Store building tool.

GoDaddy Online Store landing page

Our online store builder offers the speed you need to get up and running within hours (no tech skills needed!). It also provides the flexibility and options you need to create a great customer experience.

Below, we’ll list all the ways GoDaddy’s Online Store builder can help boost your business.

1. Deliver a great eCommerce experience

Deliver a world-class eCommerce experience while offering up to 5,000 products and 10 images per product to help customers choose the one that’s right for them. Even better? Let customers pay the way they want — GoDaddy’s Online Store supports all major credit cards, PayPal and Apple Pay.

2. Get your business noticed

Attract more traffic to your online store with a dedicated business listing on Google search and Google Maps. Stand out from the crowd with an SEO wizard that makes adding keywords a breeze. Then, broaden your sales options by promoting and selling your products on your Facebook and Instagram Business pages.

But that’s not all Online Store does to help you get found online.

In response to Google algorithm updates, Online Store will soon have features designed to improve the Core Web Vitals (coming June 2021). Online Store already ticks Google’s boxes for mobile-friendliness , safe browsing and HTTPS security — which means higher search rankings for you.

3. Help you keep customers coming back

Use GoDaddy’s Online Store to create and automatically send emails that get noticed. Using the design of your site, our tool generates eye-catching emails that won’t end up in the spam folder.

4. Make it fast and easy to shop on mobiles

Mobile devices are now the preferred method for most customers to shop, so a web store that’s clunky when viewed on a smartphone is useless.

Make sure you’re prepared for this massive mobile market with integrated support for:

  • Fast checkouts and easy payments that minimize swipes and clicks
  • Responsive designs that looks great on any device
  • The ability to securely and easily manage orders and appointments — right from your phone
Woman shopping on her smartphone
With more people shopping from their mobiles, it’s vital that your website is mobile-friendly.

Now it can even help you master new markets

With your online store up and running, you’re better equipped to reach Australian customers. The next step in your global journey, however, might feel more daunting: How do you master new markets outside of Australia?

One option is to create your own storefront with each online marketplace you’d like to use.

The downside? This process is resource- and time-intensive. It requires you to manage multiple storefronts for each online marketplace, while simultaneously managing your business at home.

GoDaddy offers a better way.

Instead of making you do all the work, our new Marketplace feature seamlessly integrates your GoDaddy online store with eBay. Plans are in the works to integrate with Amazon, Etsy, Google Shopping and other popular marketplaces.

Sell on eBay right from your own online store

eBay remains one of the largest global online marketplaces and with good reason: The site makes it possible for buyers to find unique products at a reasonable price. This makes it an ideal option for Australian brands looking to expand their reach.

Also worth noting? GoDaddy’s Marketplace feature lets you create a master list of all products you want to sell on all channels and sync any changes to your Online Store across all connected marketplaces. No need to worry about supply and demand — Online Store tracks it all.

Turning small ventures into bigger ones

To get your foot in the door, selling online requires substantial spending. This could lock SMBs out of more lucrative eCommerce sales rates — if they select the wrong marketing channels or strike the wrong balance with their ads.

The solution

By seamlessly integrating your Online Store with popular online marketplaces like eBay, it’s possible to streamline sales and marketing by leveraging the built-in traffic that comes with selling on the retail giant.

Instead of working to identify prospective customer segments, you can take advantage of the built-in consumer trust these global online marketplaces bring to the table. This lets you focus on quality over quantity.


If customers find your brand on eBay, Instagram or Facebook, they can both buy your products and connect with your Online Store directly. In turn, this removes the middleman and helps boost your overall sales.

GoDaddy helps you go big with online marketplaces

No matter what part of this country you call home, global reach matters for your Australian small business.

Go big and get the biggest benefit from popular online marketplaces.

Avoid breaking the bank on digital marketing or missing the mark on online advertising. Boost your bottom line and expand your global impact with GoDaddy’s Online Store, so that you can take advantage of a booming eCommerce industry. Try it for free!