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Leeha Debnam

This is an interview with Kellie Adamson, founder of The Conscious Corporate. Kellie is a performance consultant who coaches individuals and teams on how to harness their internal resources to become more successful.

This interview has been gently edited for length and clarity.

GoDaddy: Please tell us a little bit about The Conscious Corporate.

Kellie Adamson: I became a master practitioner in emotional intelligence about 18 months ago. I’ve also been studying a lot about our nervous system and how it affects our emotions and well-being.

Being in the corporate world, I identified that structure and external performance are highly regarded. 

But often there isn’t a focus on emotional health or becoming mentally strong. 

And that in itself is what cultivates high performers.

80% of our success is intrinsic to us. We can learn the mechanical side of it, but we've also discovered through science that we can learn success internally.

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And these are the things that are unspoken or unknown. We really need to work on that emotional intelligence side because your EQ is far more important than any IQ.

I could see how to become mentally strong and enhance your performance. And that was what was missing and leading people to a stage of burnout.

We should be looking to create new neural pathways to strengthen everything that we do. Our motivation, creation and everything that makes us feel inspired and want to get up every day.

GD: How do you lead clients to success?

KA: I work on the internal process with each individual.

You could be in this administration role, for example, and you're feeling stuck or still. What it may be is that you're not placed perfectly

for that position. As we outgrow something, we kind of want to stay on this side because no one likes to move outside of their comfort zone.

The Conscious Corporate is about identifying all that. We're going to make sure your nervous system will support you through the change, and we're going to move through it anyway. We're going to recognise all those emotions as well.

While we're moving forward, we're keeping the motivation. We're keeping inspired.

When it came to choosing my business name, I was having a strategy meeting one day, and the girl I was speaking to couldn't grasp what I was trying to achieve. She was also ex-corporate and systematic, and the way I described it to her was that of a conscious warrior woman. That's what it is. So, we blended our two worlds, and that's how The Conscious Corporate was birthed.

GD: What made you choose as your web address?

KA: I could have had it in different ways. I could have had or 


After all, customers like to know that there's a real person behind the business. It’s also about knowing that you're going to be accountable for your products and your services.

I believe that using my own name demonstrates passion, illustrates my commitment, and underscores the reasons why I became a business owner in the first place.

I'm recognised as a leader in the industry that I was in before, so it also allows me to capitalise on my reputation. When you're selling your knowledge and expertise, it maximises the value and creates personal credibility and respect.

Using my name in the URL also differentiates my business from other competitors. 

GD: How did you learn about GoDaddy's website design services?

KA: I was working with a brand strategist who also did website design, and we tried to build a site together, but we just weren’t speaking each other’s language.

And then, one day, I was on Instagram and noticed Mark Bouris, the executive chairman of Yellow Brick Road Home Loans, was collaborating with GoDaddy. It was an opportunity for me to pitch my business, and if successful, I would get a mentoring session with Mark and get a custom-designed website built with GoDaddy.

I thought this was cool because I needed someone at that level of consciousness to help me narrow down what I do in 10 words because it’s a very complex thing to try and say. It was great that it was also a website because it was just what I was searching for.

Finding out that I’d won was a pretty unforgettable night.

GD: Can you walk us through the process of building a website with GoDaddy?

KA: It was very, very simple.

In the lead up to getting the website done, you have to have your branding clear. That took about nine months, but when you start building a website, you want to have all that clear:

  • Your message
  • Purpose 
  • Mission
  • Values
  • Your why

When it came to building the website, that was fairly simple.

I had previously worked on a website, but I had been shying away from doing it again because it was all coding, and I didn't understand it. 

Over four weeks, we met four times for hourly meetings. I gave GoDaddy all of my branding and during the sessions, we’d discuss the look and feel of the website.

Kellie Adamson portrait

Every time we would have a session, they would communicate what they would need for the next one, and I would do my homework within the week. It was easier than what I thought it was going to be.

GD: Were there any surprises for you during the process?

KA: One of the surprises that I got was how I had to put myself in the mind of the consumer.  

Once I was able to do that, I could design a functional website that was easy to navigate. Without that perspective, I couldn't do it. That was a surprise for me.

The ease of designing this website was probably more significant after knowing who I was speaking to.

You know, we often don't try our hand at new things because we think it's outside our capabilities and it holds us back. You’ve just got to give it a go.

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GD: And how do you feel about the finished product?

KA: Like any goal you set and complete, once you have the finished product, there's just such a sense of accomplishment. And that in itself is a really powerful thing.

The conscious corporate website
“It was very, very simple,” says Kellie of working with GoDaddy’s Website Design Services. 

I would have to say that I'm so happy now and proud that I'm able to get my message across better to my customers. 

I’ve had feedback from my clients, and the words they used were friendly and visually appealing. It's a great design, simple to navigate, and my message is clear and easy to read. It’s organised and not cluttered.

GD: Do you have any closing thoughts about working with GoDaddy?

KA: A closing thought for anyone who is wanting to do this with GoDaddy is just to be authentically you. I think that's important. Make sure this comes across in a visual sense for your website.

Stay determined and disciplined because you're only going to regret not trying. 

You’ve just got to give it a go.

I would also purchase the 30-day premium website care, which gave me support whenever necessary. It helps you maximise your time because the technical side can sometimes get you bogged down. The 30-day premium website care was a lifesaver for me.

Finally, be sure to take some time to watch the GoDaddy site owner manual and video research hub because they're really helpful.

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