What O365 email can do for your small business

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Zoe Heard

When you start a business, you want to present a professional front. Discover how O365 email from GoDaddy will improve your productivity and make your small business look established and professional — even when you’re still working things out behind the scenes.

4 reasons to use O365 email from GoDaddy

Many sole-traders start businesses without business cards, clients — or even an office. But a professional email account? That’s a must-have.

  1. Look professional and established.

  2. Never miss an opportunity.

  3. Access your email anywhere.

  4. Improve productivity.

Read on to learn how Microsoft O365 from GoDaddy can mean the difference between so-so and success.

The benefits of O365 email

No one wants to buy from a company that uses a Hotmail address ... because we’ve had enough spam to know not to trust it. An email account from a recognized provider shows you’re legitimate and serious about your business.

1. Look professional and established

Custom email addresses based on your own domain name make your business look professional. They can also include your brand or business name, giving prospective customers the impression that you’ve been in business for ages.

O365 Man In Blue Suit
Prospective clients will often form an opinion based on your your email address alone.
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But the real good news is that a positive first impression gives customers the confidence to do business with you. Plus, every time you send an email, it reinforces your business name in the mind of recipients.

2. Never miss an opportunity

Did you know that emails sent from free email accounts are more likely to go to spam? If your opening pitch ends up in spam, you’ve lost a potential sale. As a small business that’s a disaster. Give your email the best chance of reaching your customers’ inboxes with a professional email account.

3. Access your email anywhere

Small businesses rely on being able to access their emails anytime, anywhere. This is especially true for sole-traders, who are out on the road, switching from phone to tablet to laptop all the time.

So you’ll be glad to hear that O365 email integrates with iOS mail apps on your iPhone and iPad and with the Outlook app on Android. With O365 email, customers can reach you wherever you are. This allows you to respond to questions promptly, which results in business efficiencies and possibly more sales.

4. Improve productivity

If you’re working alone, you’ve got to maximise your productive and billable time.

O365 Meeting In Coffee Shop
O365 email improves productivity with its popular suite of tools.
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With Office 365 online from GoDaddy, you can sync your mail and calendar across all your devices. Setting up folders and categories stops you from drowning in unread messages.

Unlike the Office you currently have, this one gives you the ability to have real-time online meetings and share your screen using Skype for Business (PC) and Lync (Mac).

And you can funnel subscriptions, bills and enquiries to different email aliases. An email alias is another email account set up under your main email account. If you’re a sole-trader, O365 email aliases can help you to prioritise which emails to respond to first. (Hint: The ones that are most likely to result in sales!)

Here are some ideas to split up your inbox and allocate different times of the day or week to respond to each:

  • Info@ for new enquiries
  • Accounts@ for accounts payable and receivable
  • Service@ for customer service enquiries
  • Bookings@ for your calendar
  • News@ to send your newsletter or blog

Adding email aliases can make your business look like a bigger organisation than it actually is. This helps customers find you trustworthy and reliable so they want to buy from you.

Plus, when your business grows, it’ll be easy to delegate email aliases like bookings to your virtual assistant or accounts to your bookkeeper.

With simple setup and expert 24/7 support, O365 email helps you get organised and stay organised.

What does O365 email from GoDaddy include?

O365 email is part of the Office 365 suite of tools. Designed to streamline productivity by keeping all your business information together, O365 from GoDaddy includes:

  • A professional email address with your business domain name in it.
  • O365 online, including Office, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more.
  • Shareable online calendars.
  • 1TB online storage for documents and files.
  • World-class data security and spam filtering.
  • Expert 24/7 support anywhere in the world.
O365 Business Woman
Open, read and respond to your emails wherever you are with O365 email from GoDaddy.
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The Office 365 online suite is cloud-based so you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection (coffee shop, client’s office — wherever). GoDaddy’s O365 Business and Business Premium plans give you all this plus the latest version of Office 365 for PC or Mac.

Overwhelmed by the thought of moving to a new email provider? GoDaddy’s optional data migration does it all for you.

It grows with you

Getting busy and need an account for your new virtual assistant? Easy. Taking on a temp for three months to get through a busy period? No problem. You can cancel their account when the project is done. O365 email is a flexible system that grows as your small business grows.

Flourish with O365 email today

O365 email from GoDaddy is one of the easiest ways to improve your productivity. For a low monthly cost per user, you can get professional email that grows with your business. Remember, with O365 email you’ll:

  • Look professional and established, even if you’re working out of your spare room.
  • Never miss an opportunity because JoeBloggs8237@hotmail.com fails to impress.
  • Improve productivity with the integrated Office suite of tools.

Set up takes just a few minutes, so what are you waiting for? Start enjoying O365’s features today.

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