5 ways to use the .tech domain for your new online business

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Sandeep Ramchandani

All too often, a search for your preferred domain name results in “Sorry, that domain name is taken,” pushing you to settle for something less desirable. However, is there a need to compromise on a great name for your business solely because the first result is taken? Well, not anymore. In fact, there are plenty of options, like the .tech domain, that could work wonderfully for your online business.

But before we get into different domain extension possibilities (and how they can be useful for your online business), let’s first touch on what makes a domain name great.

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Know how to identify a good domain name

Your primary website address is your window to a world of opportunities, so choose it wisely. The last thing you want is to brand your business with a name that doesn’t really work, so here are a few tips to consider:

  • Short, memorable and pronounceable
  • Free of hyphens, numbers and misspellings (unless you have a brand name that’s frequently misspelled — then you might want to consider buying multiple options and pointing them all to the same primary address)
  • Free of copyrighted names
  • Descriptive of your brand name or business
  • Innovative (especially important for a young, tech business)

Now, if you have ever searched for a domain name, you might recall it can be an exhausting process. Finding the right one takes work.

But selecting a domain that ticks all the boxes above doesn’t have to be an impossible task.

Rest assured that after reading this post, you’ll be thinking differently about your options for your online business.

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Get innovative with a .tech domain

Technically, every domain extension serves the same purpose — describing where you belong. The question to ask here is, can you utilize the letters on the right side of the dot to create a more creative, overall concept? It’s an idea worth exploring.

Here are our five top tips for choosing a spectacular .tech domain name.

1. Incorporate buzzwords

Since “tech” is a meaningful word by itself, think of other words that go well with it.

For example, if you want to build a website about hackathons or coding, you can go for a name like this one:

bighack.tech domain search

By choosing bighack.tech, you can make your domain name short, clean and easy to remember. The domain name sounds innovative, too, which helps you stand out.

On that note, check out HackBattle.tech, a website owned by The Next Web.

2. Be a visionary

Give out a visionary statement or a call-to-action in your domain name. Now that you can make every word in your domain name meaningful, use it with creativity to drive home a message:

bigfuture.tech domain search

BuildFuture.tech is descriptive of what the business stands for: building future technology. With a domain name like that, you don’t actually need a tagline.

For example, the website BreakInto.tech helps people from non-tech backgrounds break into technology. Isn’t that a great name?

3. Speak to your industry

Showcase your industry or expertise in your domain name. Select words that help you establish what you do:

healthinfo.tech domain search

The domain name HealthInfo.tech describes what the business is all about. Such a combination of keywords can go a long way when it comes to bringing relevant traffic to your website.

Hollywood.tech, a website that connects Hollywood celebrities with tech brands’ promotions, is a great example.

Editor's Note: Use our domain name generator to brainstorm ideas using your keywords.

4. Be geo-specific

Add the region where you operate, blend it with the industry you belong to, and voila! You have a name that is almost poetic:

ontariofood.tech domain search

If you’re a food tech startup in Ontario, this name can do wonders for your business. This is helpful when you wish to expand to other geographies and want a separate website for each region.

Check out DronesMexico.tech, a smart choice by a business that utilizes drones — and a .tech domain with a geo-specific keyword.

5. Use your brand name

Associate your brand name with your industry in your domain name. This will help you build a great positioning for your business right from the start.

Some of examples include Consumer Electronics Show (www.CES.tech), the world’s largest electronics trade event; Consumer Technology Association (www.CTA.tech) and Viacom's tech portal (www.viacom.tech).

Modern tech startups across all verticals are also using .tech domains.

Having a new age name for a new age business helps strengthen their positioning.

Take, for instance, Lorem.tech, a startup that recently raised $1.1 million in funding. Lorem connects small businesses with web developers for quick technical assistance via their website. It’s one of the many examples of how young businesses with massive potential are looking at new domains as their brand identity.

Explore new opportunities in domain names

As of today, hundreds of new domain extensions are at your disposal. These extensions are meaningful words which add context to your domain name. They make your domain name descriptive and memorable while keeping it short.

Let's assume you were to start a real estate technology business called CA Realty. You begin your domain name search on GoDaddy only to find the .com version of your preferred domain name comes with a premium price tag.

carealty.com domain search

At over $54,369, this name could be yours. But, as a small business owner, it might not be feasible. What does that mean for you? Settle for a longer, more complicated domain name? Now that’s not what you want, right?

With new domain extensions including .tech, you have the upper hand in choosing a domain name that you actually want.

Since we’re talking about real estate tech here, you can choose to go with a .tech domain instead. With a .tech domain, you have something that’s short, descriptive and affordable — all at the same time.

carealty.tech domain search

Isn’t this a better choice — a great one, actually — that won’t burn a hole in your pocket? We think so.

Find your domain name today

The possibilities are endless with a .tech domain (or any other domain extension, for that matter). Visit GoDaddy to search for an innovative domain name for your innovative online business. With new domain extensions and some creative inspiration, you can find a domain name that will work wonders for you right from the start!

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