Looking at domains, websites & Office 365 in India

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Andrea Rowland

With nearly 74 million Internet users, India boasts the third largest population of Web-savvy consumers. Yet only about 500,000 of the country’s estimated 40 million small businesses have websites. That huge gap is called missed opportunity.

Template-based website builders, unprecedented domain naming opportunities, and business-grade productivity tools make getting online — and in front of those 74 million online consumers — easier and more affordable than ever before. In a recent interview with CXOtoday.com’s Sohini Bagchi, GoDaddy India VP and Managing Director Rajiv Sodhi discusses trends in the country’s fledging domains market and how Microsoft® Office 365 from GoDaddy can be a productivity game-changer for SMBs.

Rajiv identifies three top trends in India’s domain name industry:

1. More Indians are buying domains for personal use.

“In more developed countries such as the U.S., we see not only businesses, but also individuals buying domain names to build personal websites, create blogs, wedding registries and portfolios, etc. While this is not the case in India, currently, we do believe that the culture of domain name buying for personal use in India is slowly gaining traction.”

2. India is a “do-it-for-me” market.

Traditionally, SMBs and others who want to launch a Web presence in India have turned to others to find the right domain name and set up a website for them. There’s opportunity to turn that trend upside down by offering online tools that demonstrate true value. Which leads to trend No. 3 …

3. Indians will only spend if they recognize the value.

“It is widely believed that India is a price sensitive market. However, with affordable domain names available for as low as Rs. 99 a year, it is clear that India is a value-sensitive market.”

A bundle of business solutions

In addition to the availability of GoDaddy’s Website Builder (which includes a free domain), Indian businesses now can benefit from Microsoft’s popular online productivity tools — including business-class email, online storage and the Office® suite — backed by GoDaddy’s award-winning support. As Rajiv says:

“GoDaddy’s partnership with Microsoft will help us offer Office 365 to small businesses so that they get easy access to enterprise-grade tools that were traditionally available only to larger companies. Additionally, with Microsoft Office 365 from GoDaddy, small businesses will now have access to GoDaddy’s world-class 24/7 customer care, making it even easier to setup and manage their business’ account. In other words, small business customers get the convenience of owning a domain name, domain-based email address and access to Office 365 productivity solutions, all in one place.”

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