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In 2020, everything changed. But, over the last two years, Venture Forward data shows an increase in new microbusinesses and entrepreneur optimism.

This Is Where We Stand Two Years In COVID-19

2.8 Million more microbusinesses were created in 2020 despite the pandemic. This is a spotlight on these entrepreneurs.

At the beginning of the pandemic, microbusiness entrepreneurs faced unexpected and unprecedented challenges. But over the last two years, these business owners refused to let the pandemic define them. Instead, they defined themselves through creativity, imagination, hard work, resiliency, and success.

This is Where We Stand tells the stories of those businesses, in their own words. She Moves Mountains, Juanita’s Plants, Interior Painting of Asheville, and Union Coffee are part of a rapidly growing movement of over 20 million microbusinesses that, as the Venture Forward data GoDaddy has collected shows, are having a substantial impact on the economy and their communities.

Each week we’ll highlight one of these everyday entrepreneurs with their video story and infographic. Join us in celebrating the incredible accomplishments of these remarkable entrepreneurs.

This is where we stand.

Union Coffee

Geetu Vailoor had spent years learning the ins and outs of coffee, before finally having her very own coffee shop when she took over Union Coffee on March 19th, 2020… just as the pandemic was shutting everything down.

It took some creative problem-solving and a bit of pivoting, but she stayed strong, and Union Coffee and Wine stayed open. And, after recently being named one of the Best Cafes in Seattle to Work From Remotely, Geetu has done more than just taken the pandemic in stride, she’s made it downright profitable.

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Interior Painting of Asheville

In the spring of 2020, Rachel and Andrew suddenly found themselves with a rapidly dwindling income stream. By trusting each other’s skills and relying on the power of their partnership, they created a brand-new business that not only hit the ground running but is rapidly expanding thanks to the ever-increasing flow of new work requests.

Their dedication to a healthy and diverse crew shows not only their love for their business, but their love for their community, which is clearly evident in the glowing reviews their pandemic-forged business regularly receives.

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Juanita's Plants

At the onset of the pandemic, Kat Hernandez wasn’t sure what to do, as the world had suddenly become very surreal. But she quickly turned uncertainty into an opportunity, helping people brighten up their living spaces and newly-remote home offices by selling little sparks of joy — her beautifully cultivated greenery.

What started with sharing pictures of plants online has blossomed into a booming business, where Kat not only sells her beautiful plants, but shares tips on how to keep them thriving. Next up on her list? A brick-and-mortar shop in Brooklyn. Among current solopreneurs, 31% would like to expand to add employees or a storefront.

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She Moves Mountains

Lizzy Van Patten’s biggest season was about to kick off — when she had some difficult decisions to make after multiple event cancellations threatened the existence of her business. But she wasn’t going to let a global pandemic stop her. Since she couldn’t continue with business as usual, she had to find new ways to put her skills to work, keep her guides employed, and keep her business alive.

The support of her community as she adapted her business helped She Move Mountains not only survive the interim but keep growing.

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We surveyed thousands of microbusinesses, and this is how they're standing strong: