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Miss Angelica Ross unpacks her journey as a trans person in the workplace while becoming a tech entrepreneur to make a difference for fellow trans folks. Brought to you by GoDaddy.

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With a big dream ahead and an expensive degree required to achieve it, Angelica Ross decided to enlist in the Navy to access the GI Bill that would help make her dream possible. Having to hide her true identity as a trans woman in boot camp, Angelica struggled with the reality that the country's freedom she was willing to fight for wasn't willing to fight for her own. But she was tired of hiding and having to prove her worth to a world that didn’t value her authentic self, so Angelica set out to live her own truth. She channeled her inner toughness to prove them all wrong by empowering the trans community along her journey to success in an unexpected career path. From the ground up, Miss Ross came across unique opportunities that would enable her to learn advanced technology skills and eventually lead to launching a nonprofit business: TransTech Social. From CSS to HTML, she learned how to manage and build websites that propelled her portfolio to new heights — including tapping into prime acting gigs that boosted her personal brand. The blueprint of Angelica’s self-built success was transferred to helping others in the trans community discover it’s own talents in the tech industry and getting access to the tools to make it happen. As the founder of TransTech, Miss Angelica Ross has a one-of-a-kind testimony of resiliency that continues to inspire trans folks to make their way into the tech world. 

About TransTech Enterprises:

Founded in 2014 by Actress, Founder, and CEO Angelica Ross, TransTech Social Enterprises is an incubator for LGBTQIA+ Talent from marginalized communities. The non-profit organization focuses on economically empowering transgender people through an online network of like-minded professionals as well as hard skill trainings and entrepreneurship workshops. TransTech members have access to an online community, training platform, and coworking/meet-up spaces. Learn more:

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