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Mr. Tilala

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At a glance
Business: Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools
Founded: 1994
GoDaddy helped us: Create a professional website that allows us to broadcast our business to the world with confidence.
Results: A website on reliable, secure servers that can manage the next level of traffic and business growth. It has meant ‘peace of mind’ for Mr. Tilala.

Product snapshot

Domain: A professional identity online helped to establish JKMT as the most sought after manufacturer in the industry in India and across South Asia.

Web hosting: Unlimited disk space and bandwidth with GoDaddy, along with 24/7 support, helped provide reliable support and manage increasing traffic on the website.

Email: Personalized email address by GoDaddy helped JKMT establish their business identity so customers could recognize their brand around the world.

Creating energy

Everyone loves a green world. But few make it their mission to keep it green like Mr. Sanjay Tilala, managing director at Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools (JKMT).

Established in 1994, JKMT manufactures biomass briquetting machines. These machines turn agro, forestry and municipal waste into biomass briquettes, a biofuel substitute for coal and charcoal. The briquettes are used to heat industrial boilers and produce electricity from steam. In India and other developing nations where energy sources are not widely available, the use of biomass briquettes is common.

JKMT is located in the city of Rajkot in Gujarat, the fourth largest city in the state that hosts several smallscale manufacturing industries. The company found early success in the indispensable need and demand for energy within these industries. Today, JKMT is a highly sought-after manufacturer, both in India and South Asia.

The Internet has been Mr. Tilala’s closest ally, and he’s successfully promoted his business globally in a cost-effective manner with his company’s website, It continues to pay rich dividends and is the mainstay of his sales and marketing efforts. Mr. Tilala recalls that his website used to deliver about 10 inquiries every month, but this number has jumped exponentially over the years. He now receives nearly 50 inquiries every day.

When page views are not enough

To manage JKMT’s tremendous growth and the rising number of inquiries on his website, Mr. Tilala needed a partner who would walk the extra mile for him. He wanted a partner who could provide reliable support and manage the increasing traffic demands of his website. A friend in the Internet business recommended GoDaddy.

“GoDaddy’s reputation for reliable servers sealed the deal,” says Mr. Tilala. “Their competitive pricing and excellent customer service personalized to my business reminds me every day that I made the right decision.”

Customer care that goes the distance

Mr. Tilala transferred his domain name and web hosting to GoDaddy and set up an email account in late 2012. “From the very first call, I realized that I had made the right decision,” he said.

Choosing a new web host presented challenges. Mr. Tilala had to call GoDaddy several times during the initial setup. His calls were answered quickly, “within three rings,” and the knowledgeable GoDaddy representative was able to successfully resolve the issue and address his concerns. “I am not very technically savvy. GoDaddy Customer Care answered my questions in a simple language I could understand without using any IT jargon.”

A reliable partner every step of the way

Mr. Tilala praises GoDaddy. He believes his decision to partner with GoDaddy will be important as his business scales new heights. “They have provided outstanding support every step of the way,” he says. Mr. Tilala intends to move other domains he previously registered for his business to GoDaddy. His experience with GoDaddy has made him an ardent fan, and he says he recommends GoDaddy’s services to his friends and business associates.