Small business advice from 3 Aussie entrepreneurs

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Jody Carey

This year marks five years since GoDaddy launched in Australia and during that time, more Australians have taken their small businesses online. We recently checked in with three GoDaddy Australia customers to see how their businesses are faring, and to ask what small business advice they could share.

In 2015, these three entrepreneurs needed a website solution that was easy for them to tackle.

Like most startups, they had limited resources in the early days. So they needed a simple, quick and affordable way to create an online presence.

Let’s see how they’re doing five years later.

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Black Mouse Design

Caroline Siassios Owner of Black Mouse Designs
Caroline Siassios, founder of Black Mouse Design in her office.
Photo: Black Mouse Design

GoDaddy customer since: July 2015
Started business: 2013
Number of employees: 1
Why you need a website: Expand your audience globally

Caroline Siassios founded Melbourne-based Black Mouse Design in 2013. She’s no stranger to running a small business — she actually started her print design and stationery business 20 years ago. But in 2013, she expanded her business to offer creative solutions to start-ups.

Caroline has a passion for entrepreneurship and teaching, and isn’t afraid of change, especially in the technology space.

As a graphic designer, she has an eye for design trends and emerging technology. But like all business owners, she needed digital marketing solutions to help her business grow.

Why GoDaddy?

Caroline registered her domain name with GoDaddy to start, then added products and services as her company grew.

Being online makes her feel more comfortable and confident as a business owner.

As she became savvier online, she created more websites. Today, Caroline has multiple domains registered with GoDaddy for side businesses and passion projects.

Take a look:

“I chose GoDaddy for the sensational customer service,” says Caroline. “It’s reassuring to know I have their friendly technical and product assistance to guide me through any problems quickly. You can’t beat their 24/7 support.”

Biggest learning: It’s a journey, not a destination

Caroline has learnt that a customer’s online user experience is not a destination but a journey. With the constant improvements in technology and changing needs of consumers, there are always things to be done to maintain and evolve her business.

She regards her website and domain name as one of the most important business assets for sharing information and building credibility. For her, this is critical for attracting new business as much as supporting her existing clients by clarifying her brand and services.

In the past five years, Caroline realised it’s okay to not know everything. She started with one domain name and one business that grew to four active business websites with global audiences. Her online experience means she can help other small businesses ramp up their online efforts faster.

What’s next for Caroline

She plans to help other businesses find their way online. Caroline believes that as a result of the pandemic, there will be a growth in the number of people starting small businesses.

COVID-19 has prompted more people to turn to the internet to communicate and conduct business. Through the products available through GoDaddy, she can confidently wear the many hats of a small business owner and reach a global audience.

Caroline advises that “If anyone is unsure about starting or expanding their business, I’d strongly encourage you not to worry about creating a professional online presence, as GoDaddy's products and support have got you covered.”

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Appetency Recruitment

Man Speaking to Room of People
Appetency expects their small business clients to adopt technology in greater numbers in the coming years.

GoDaddy customer since: July 2015
Number of employees: 5
GoDaddy products used: VPS, hosting, email, Office 365, domains
Why you need a website: Streamline application of new clients and recruits online

Appetency Recruitment Services is a specialist IT and digital recruitment agency with offices in Melbourne and Sydney. They are industry professionals with years of experience in:

  • IT
  • Project management
  • Data analytics
  • Cybersecurity

With their first-hand industry knowledge, they recruit top talent for pre-listed start-ups and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).

Their website is an essential tool that allows them to communicate with both candidates and employers all in one place.

Why GoDaddy?

In the recruitment industry, change is the only constant. By keeping all their website products with GoDaddy, they can easily access admin dashboards and quickly make changes as needed.

“Everything is simple with GoDaddy.” - Manoj Sharma, Customer Success Partner at Appetency Recruitment Services

From hosting and domains to email and Office 365, everything is at their fingertips.

Biggest learning: Changes in the recruitment industry

In the past five years, Appetency Recruitment Services has seen and adapted to hiring priorities for their small and medium business clients. Five years ago, skills and qualifications were priorities. Today, culture is perhaps the most important factor in the hiring process.

Today, business managers are willing to compromise on skills, but not on culture.

What will the next five years look like?

They anticipate IT clients will be busy in the next five years, resulting in more recruitment needs. Small and medium businesses will rely more heavily on sophisticated technology than they have over the last five years.

Of course, they're already using websites and social media for customer-facing functions, but integrated technology will be on their radar including:

  • CRM (customer relationship management)
  • AI (artificial intelligence)
  • Automation
  • Machine learning

This sophisticated behind-the-scenes functionality is the key to providing better customer service, and Appetency Recruitment Services is positioned to get clients going.

Australian Teacher Aide

Teachers Participating in Professional Training
ATA provides resources and online webinars for teacher aides and paraprofessionals across Australia.

GoDaddy customer since: July 2015
Number of employees: 3
GoDaddy products used: Domain
Why you need a website: Clients can access materials 24/7

Australian Teacher Aide (ATA) is a leader in online professional learning  in Australia. The Queensland-based business creates resources based on the Australian curriculum for education support staff around the country.

With all of their professional development materials available online, their website is their storefront and has constant traffic.

As well as creating digital resources, the team hosts at least 10 live web events each year.

This year the demand for online learning has skyrocketed, with 400 participants attending the recent digital series on behaviour support skills.

Three years ago, founders Stella Liliendal and Mandy Bell also launched the Australian Teacher Aide of the Year Awards, and will announce the 2020 winners in September.

Our biggest piece of small business advice? Get online

Over the last five years, GoDaddy has proudly helped thousands of entrepreneurs get online.

Small businesses are the backbone of the Australian economy and culture. When everyday Australians want to turn their passions into profitable business, GoDaddy is ready to help them find a solution that’s attainable, affordable, enjoyable and profitable.

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