What are .realestate domain names?

With the right .realestate domain name, you’re one step closer to success in an enormously lucrative industry where a single deal could secure your financial future. Some individuals pursue licenses or official designations and make a career out of buying and selling real estate. Others simply fix up old properties and stick a sign in the front yard to make a tidy profit. People who might register .realestate domain names include:

  • Brokers
  • Agents
  • Property managers
  • Private sellers
  • Mortgage lenders

As you can see, a dot realestate domain name appeals to a broad range of people, from suit-and-tie professionals to folks who are just handy with a hammer and nails. These days, you’ll even see reality shows on TV about real estate, and the internet is full of information about projects that involve property. It doesn’t matter if your next great idea involves stately mansions, scenic acreage or a humble mobile home — making it real starts with a .realestate domain extension.

Why you should buy a .realestate domain name.

If you’re looking to move property, register a .realestate domain name to help gain visibility in even the most competitive markets. Dot realestate can be a be like a digital sign posted in the front yard, helping attract buyers to listings like:

  • Houses
  • Condominiums
  • Apartments
  • Offices
  • Retail space
  • Industrial property
  • Farms & ranches
  • Vacant land

Opportunities in the real estate industry vary, but there’s at least one constant: The more people who see a listing, the greater your chance of success. With .realestate domains, you cast a broader net — your property is visible not only locally, but also to the millions of people online every day.

How to use a .realestate domain.

The best domains for business are short and memorable — and dot realestate is no exception. You need to quickly give people key details like who you are, what you’re doing online and maybe where you are locally. The .realestate domain extension covers what you’re doing, which lets you use the rest of your domain name to hit other key points.

Your business name is an obvious choice for adding to dot realestate, but also consider the types of listings you offer. Commercial? Industrial? Tie that to where you operate geographically and you’re in business. And don’t forget about websites dedicated to an individual property. You could use the name of a neighborhood or even a style of architecture to focus on the right buyers.

Are you sold on the potential of dot realestate?

If you might register a .realestate TLD to get your side hustle off the ground, good call. Flipping property has lots of potential if you’re savvy about the up-and-coming parts of town and have the means to rehab properties on your own (and a partnership with the world’s largest registrar of domain names doesn’t hurt). You bring the paintbrush and we’ll bring the online tools — including a .realestate domain name — to help make your ideas real.

Register a .realestate domain name today.

Have you ever had your eye on a property, but when you decide to buy it’s already sold? The same thing happens with domain names. Dot realestate has lots of exciting potential, but let’s be realistic — you aren’t the only one dreaming of a real estate empire. If you’re ready to get hold of an incredible tool for online marketing, make sure you grab your perfect .realestate domain name before another investor gets it first.
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