More tickets, more seats, more sales.

Gone With the Wind. Avatar. Star Wars. A popular film shown around the world – from your local multiplex to world-famous cinemas – can bring in billions of dollars in global earnings. With movie attendance on the rise, the time is right for .theatre domain names. Movie theatres, critics, bloggers and fans can now get web addresses that will bring movie lovers to their websites.

Great for live theatre, too.

Movies aren’t the only entertainment offered in theatres. Broadway alone brings in over a $1 billion in ticket sales every year. Around the world, theatre-goers number in the tens of millions. For them, no amount of Hollywood special effects can replace the thrill of being in the same space as the performers. A .theatre domain captures the excitement and energy that can only be experienced at a live performance, creating a web address that sings (and dances.)

A .theatre domain makes a high-visibility web address for:

  • Venues that host live performances
  • Regional and community theatres
  • Movie theatres or cinemas
  • Repertory companies
  • High school & college theatre departments

It’s also an obvious choice for the growing number of broadcasters that stream live performances or film live shows that are then edited for viewing in cinemas and movie theatres.

The actor’s place online.

Lots of people want to work in theatre, far fewer actually make it. Whether you’re an actor or a playwright, whether you do it for fun or for a living, a dot theatre domain is a great way to share headshots, credits and demos. It’s ideal for:

  • Actors, singers and dancers
  • Artistic directors, choreographers and music directors
  • Makeup artists and costumers
  • Playwrights
  • Sound, set and lighting designers
  • Stage managers

    Of course, this global industry depends on more than ingénues and leading men. .theatre offers great web addresses to all the coaches, agents, marketers, fundraisers and professional organizations that make it run.
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