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Tạo hình ảnh cho mạng xã hội hoặc website

Eye-catching graphics encourage people to stop scrolling and read your message. Whether it's an inspirational quote, a beautiful picture or an infographic, learn how to create effective visual content with Content Creator.

Note: Content Creator is what we call GoDaddy Studio when you’re creating content in Websites + Marketing or Digital Marketing. It’s included in your plan. Find out more about GoDaddy Studio and Content Creator.
  1. Truy cập vào trang sản phẩm GoDaddy.
  2. Cuộn xuống, mở rộng Websites + Marketing rồi chọn Quản lý ở bên cạnh trang của bạn.
  3. On your dashboard, expand Marketing, and then select Content Creator.
  1. Truy cập vào trang sản phẩm GoDaddy.
  2. Scroll down, expand Online Marketing and select Manage next to your plan.
  3. On your dashboard, expand Marketing, and then select Content Creator.
  1. In the upper-right corner, select New Project and then choose the type of project you want to start with—a transparent background, a video, an image or a color background.
  2. In the left menu of your project canvas, you'll find several options for content creation:
    • Brand Kit: Set up your brand’s unique colors, fonts and logos to use them consistently in all GoDaddy Studio designs.
    • Image: Use your own photos or pick one from our stock photo gallery. All included images are free to use, modify and post.
    • Video: Upload your own video or choose one from our exclusive stock library.
    • Văn bản: Dùng chữ kèm hình ảnh có thể tạo tác động tốt hơn so với chỉ dùng ảnh. Do đó, bạn sẽ có rất nhiều tùy chọn về văn bản.
    • Element: Depending on your content, you may want to add a graphic illustration, pattern or icon. Start with one, then customize it using the controls in the right panel.
    • Shape: Adding shapes can be an easy way to infuse a bold look into your design projects.
    • Template: Get started fast using a professionally designed template, and then replace or change elements in the template with your unique branded content.
    • Pages: When you add extra pages to your project, you can export the project as a video, with each page displaying as a separate scene.
  3. Select GoDaddy Studio layers icon iOS layers in the upper-right corner to send items in front of or behind other items. Find out more about working with layers.
  4. Select Export to save your project as a file or video and then add it to your site as a new photo or create a social media post. (On the GoDaddy Studio mobile app, you can also post directly to Instagram or share your image with others.)
    • Độ phân giải của tập tin được xác định theo kích thước bảng vẽ dự án. Do đó, việc chọn JPEG hay PNG sẽ chỉ ảnh hưởng đến chất lượng và kích thước tập tin.
    • Chọn PNG nếu bạn muốn có nền trong suốt.
    • Sometimes images look blurry after they're uploaded to Facebook. To fix this, check that your image is the correct canvas size and save your image as a .jpeg, using the best quality (100%).

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