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    This site can’t be reached

    Hi, whenever I try to login into my WP Admin, the dashboard doesn't load and Google Chrome says "This site can’t be reached"... GoDaddy support said the problem was my internet but when I used another computer with a different connection in a different location on a different web browser, I got the same problem... and my website (suejonesmiranda.com) doesn't even load and I get the same message. 


    I found similar topics in the community but they all talk about the wp-content folder, which I understand is in the wp file directory but I never installed it... I used to click on WP Admin and the dashboard would come up and I could the changes I wanted on my website.... 


    Can someone please help me fix this without having to access the file directory?

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    Super User I



    Your site just loaded fine for me (USA/MidSouth).  Are you still having issues?


    If it loads fine for me, but not for you -- then it isn't WordPress. 😉

    "Broken crayons still color." Anon

    Helper I

    Hi I am having this problem, and have been for about a week.


    Other people can load my websites, but slowly. I cannot log in to my dashboard or load the websites.


    I myself had made no changes at all to either of my sites - one day they worked fine, then next it was down for everyone who tested it, and then for around 5 days they've run for other people slow and not at all for me. One briefly came on today but is now off again.


    Go Daddy say it is not a problem their end and blame my ISP. It is not my ISP.