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Unable to add a picture to new Microsoft 365 email

Hi, I just purchased my domain through GoDaddy and setup my Microsoft 365 email account linked to the domain. Overall works well, but I'm unable to add a photo to my email account or otherwise edit the basic account info. Instead it tells me:


"Some details, like your name and job title, may be provided by your IT or human resources department. If you want to update those details, contact them or your admin."


Well, I am my own HR department. 🙂 Does anyone know how I go about editing this?  Thanks!


Hi @EricM,


Welcome to the Community!

Were you able to get your issue resolved with GoDaddy Customer Care? It sounds like you have an issue with administrative permissions or a missing part of your setup. You should be able to add a picture or logo in the creation of an email signature within your Email & Office Dashboard (inside "Manage"). 


If you're not able to access the Exchange Admin Center to make changes, be sure to contact the GoDaddy O365 team so they can check it out for you. 



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