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Support computer science education with .tech domains

Update: Join our virtual meetup on June 10th to learn more about how we can help change some of the staggering statistics around access to computer science in schools.


Hi everyone,


GoDaddy Pro is partnering with Radix, the domain registry behind .tech, for the #MyStartinTech awareness campaign.


From May through June, all proceeds from .tech domain registrations will go to, a nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools and increasing participation by young women and students from other underrepresented groups. started in 2013 as a simple video promoting computer science education. Today,'s work includes designing courses, training teachers, partnering with school districts, advancing government policies, developing international partnerships, and raising awareness to break stereotypes.


Earlier this year, we released the results of a survey we ran with web designers & developers. A vast majority of respondents felt secure in their work, noting perks like remote work, creativity, work environment, and pay. We also saw that many respondents switched careers to move into web design & development.


We're big believes in the web designer & developer community. This community has an incredible ability to change the lives of those new to the industry, and to help everyday entrepreneurs grow and succeed online.


That's why we're supporting in partnership with .tech. It's also why we just held our first-ever Expand 2021 conference in late April; why we support community events; why we run our weekly meetups; and why we share stories through the GoDaddy Blog and helpful resources through @GoDaddyPro on Twitter.


P.S. From now through the end of June, our team on the GoDaddy Blog will highlight the .tech domain name and all the cool ways it can empower digital entrepreneurs. Check out the announcement post for more details.


Questions? Comments? Drop them below and we'll answer what we can.






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