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My saved payment method was used in other account



Today, my paypal was charged by godaddy $18.17 for recurring a domain that I never bought. After search a lot, I found a thing is called Preapproved Payments in Paypal that let Godaddy can charge money for recurring billing in future. I found that it is a Godaddy payment methods (because the name is the same with Billing ID in Paypal). Search that Billing ID in emails, paypal and godaddy, I found that:

- The last payment was made in my Godaddy account was in 2016 and Godaddy history said that, too. After that payment, I deleted all domains and didn't use any services at Godaddy but forgot to delete all payment methods.

- The today's payment has the same Billing ID of Preapproved Payment and Paypal used it to charge money. But that domain is not from my account and I didn't see any payment histories mentioned it in Godaddy. After contact Paypal, they said it's not unauthorized activity because Preapproved Payment was setup with Godaddy (and of course, it was charged 2 times for recurring my domain in 2015 and 2016). Then contact to Godaddy support, they said it's from other account (and required me to prove information of that account but I don't know who she is) and can't support me.


So my paypal or godaddy was hacked or not? Why one payment method (with the same Billing ID) can use in 2 different Godaddy accounts? Who should I contact to resolve this issue?

Community Manager

Hi @ninhnt285. Thanks for your post. Typically, one of our customer care agents would be able to look up the billing ID and help you get a refund for the charge if it was not legitimate. However, as we've transitioned all of our employees to work from home, they no longer have the capacity to do this. I would use the dispute options available within PayPal if you're absolutely sure that this charge was not for a product or service that you want to keep from GoDaddy. You can also try working with your financial institution if the PayPal option does not work for you. Sorry ☹️


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.

Thanks for your reply.

I contacted to Paypal and my bank but they can't help in this case.

The Paypal Billing ID is [removed]

And in the Godaddy Payment Methods page, it is PayPal ****503A Last charged 05/14/2016

Hope your staff can come back to work soon and help me resolve this problem. Thank you very much.