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Domain already transferred into my account


Domain was transferred (successfully???) into my account as reflected two days ago. I had the nameservers updated to my hosting provider's. After nearly 48 hours, the domain is still in propagation?? so I check on a WHOis  and found the record still showing the previous registrant.

My question is whether the domain did in fact transferred into my account since I have accepted it so it should be.  The long propagation time and the WHOis record as mentioned above have me worried. The domain was transferred from Wild West Domain LLC  so it should be okay right?



Super User III

DNS changes can take a little longer than normal directly after a transfer.  I would generally recommend changing the nameservers and letting that complete before the transfer, just to cut out some of the variables.


I am not sure what you mean by (successfully???), is the domain is in your account and everything looks fine in your settings?