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    A fatal error has occurred when processing a recent subscription payment with PayPal.

    When collecting a payment on my website through a link to PayPal, I receive a message that there is a fatal error. Is there a conflict between Woocommerce and PayPal that I can correct? Thank you.

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    I use Woo and PayPal all the time.  Fatal error makes me think a server issue and doesn't tell us what or where the problem is.  Could be so many things...  You can look at WooCommerce > Status to see if there are any issues there to look into.


    Make sure all your settings in WooCommerce > Settings > Checkout PayPal Advanced/PayPal tabs are correct.  If they are, someone is going to have to interrogate your setup and hosting to determine what the issue may be. 


    HTH! 😉



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