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    Helper I

    Changing from Google Shopping Action to Google Channel Market Place connection


    I have been using the Google Shopping Action marketplace for a while now and I was really glad to see the upgrade to the Google Channel allowing integration into Google Ads.  


    Currently, I am unable to fully convert into the Google Channel. It will not get past the 3rd step of connecting to the Google Merchant center even though it finds my Google Merchant Center Id in step 2.  It spins and spins on step 3 but never finishes making the connection. Then I get a pop up that "Something went wrong" and boots me back to step 2 where I need to select my Merchant Center Id again.  I had the Google Shopping Actions connection fully configured and connected to my Google Merchant center and every thing was working.   


    Is there a proper way to upgrade for existing Google Shopping  Action users?  


    Things I have tried: 

    Deleted the Google Shopping Actions connection and then add it back as a Google Channel connection.  Still Failed 

    I have tried loading on multiple browsers in private and non private mode. Still Failed. 


    Current Condition: 

    The marketplace connection is listed as Google Channel but I cannot configure any options because it still thinks that I haven't finished making the connection to Google Merchant center/Google Ads. 





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    Helper I

    I'll throw this nugget of information in here.   When going to merchant center and looking at the data feed on each proudct it appears as if I have two feeds connected to each product. I think the data feed coming out of Godaddy has an issue.  Looks like it is still pushing the old Google Shopping Actions connection and the new Google Channel data.  dual feeds on merchant center.png

    Community Manager

    Hi @Mr_Audio. Thanks for posting. Sorry for the delay in responding to you. This is currently an issue that our product team is working to address with Google. Once I have more information, I will pass that on. Very sorry for any inconvenience. 


    JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.