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    Google Shopping Connection Error - Godaddy Website Builder

    This is the first time i have tried connecting marketplaces to my godaddy website builder online store.   Tried to connect the Amazon marketplace, too.   No luck.


    I successfully signed up for Google selling with Sellbrite or whatever it is.   Got my merchant ID number and entered it as instructed.    My products are all synched.    But when i tried to connect, then my page shows these connection errors.   See attached images.    Can't figure out how to get past this so i can get my items up and listed on Google Shopping.


    Any help will be appreciated.  Even if it's links to a Youtube video or whatever.   I need to get past this issue.



    Godaddy marketplaces.JPGGodaddy marketplaces2.JPGgoddaddy products.JPG

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    Getting Started

    Same thing is happening to me! Its been two weeks of wrangling with Google Support. I had to list them on google separately or manually. They said that the Godaddy Platform does nor read the API correctly. Also your GTIN or UPC has to match up on both platforms. Also the shipping configuration is different which also causes the glitch. After you get through this it will be more hoops. Still not properly listed and running yet.