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I looked at buying a domain, but it shows a price and says 'auction' next to it

Can I buy it at that price? Or do I have to bid a higher price?

Is it being sold by goDaddy or someone else?

How could I get it?

Helper VI

Hi @brianj, can you post the domain you want?



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Thanks for the reply, but I don't really want to post the name that I'm interested in, because I don't know if that will affect the price. Can you give me some general info? How do I get that domain that shows a price with the word auction next to it? Any enlightenment will be appreciated

Community Manager

Hi @brianj. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! Whether or not you have to bid would depend on what kind of auction listing it is. The type should be listed during the checkout process. For more information on the different types of listings, please see this article


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