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Must Reset A Host DNS File, what IP address to change to?

I’m sorry if this has been answered elsewhere. I looked but could not find answer to my specific situation:


Short version: How do I reset or change my A Host DNS Files back to default? Is there such a thing as reset or default with A Host DNS Files?

Longer Version: I have a currently published website. It is my primary site and has Deluxe hosting. I designed a new version of that site (same content, different look) on a spare url of mine, it’s private, and hosted as a secondary domain but on that same Deluxe plan.


I want to EITHER change the domain name of the newly designed site from this to OR wipe the slate clean on my old site, do a new Wordpress install and restore a backup that I saved of my newly designed site.


BUT, before I do either one I need to sever ties with my old web service, they have their own server and all-in-one platform that is built on Wordpress. They required me to change my @ and www A Host DNS files to point to their server. What do I change them back to? There is no “change to default” or “reset” on A Host, like there is for CName. How do I sever ties with my old server if I don’t know what DNS #s to choose or what they use to be?


Note: All the secondary domains I have on my Deluxe plan seem to have the same "@" A Host IP address. Is it as simple as changing my primary domain (which has both @ AND www) to the same IP address or would it be something different? I don't want to screw anything up.


Thank you soo much in advance, I haven't been able to find this answer anywhere!


Hey @malex25,


Unfortunately there isn't an option to reset the A Records to "Default" as the IP address the domain was originally pointing to could vary. Aside from the multiple IP addresses used for hosted or parked domains on our network, some users also direct the domain to other hosting services via the IP when they first register their names. 


If the domain was originally being hosted on our hosting services, making sure the domain name is added to the hosting plan would be your first step. Once added, you should be able to locate the IP address here. You can then point your domain A Record to this address. 

Let me know if this helps. If any other member here would like to add some additional tips; in case I missed anything, please share. Smiley Happy


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If you already have the IP address from your hosting account and the other Domains that are hosted on that hosting plan are working, I would recommend using that same IP for your primary Domain. 


The other part I would advise if you are stuck call Sales and Support and they will have that information for you really quick!

A quick solution would be to "Manage Hosting" on your account, finding your site and going to settings, and then scrolling down to the "server details", where the IP address should be right below.