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The Domain I got from GoDaddy went down and was available to be purchased from other providers!



So I purchased this domain from GoDaddy and connected it to my free website made on SiteBuilder. It worked seamlessly - at least for a day. SiteBuilder usually offers me the domain before, but since I already got it from GoDaddy, they usually just offer me, .uk, anything except .com since I already purchased it from GoDaddy and is not available for others, I suppose. Just 24 hrs after my purchase from GoDaddy, my website ( went down. I checked it on SiteBuilder (where I can still edit my site and whatnot) and found that is again available for anyone to purchase! I tried contacting GoDaddy's phone support but I did not reach them.


BTW, I did not do anything to make it work wrong. I did not install any plugins and did not do any coding. I also did not touch any of the settings since I was able to connect my GoDaddy domain to my site.


Hope someone in GoDaddy reads this and help me immediately. This is a serious breach on their service as what if someone registers the domain I already paid for?

Former Employee

Hello HYNY,


I believe there may be some confusion here. I did a quick look on the domain and see it was registered yesterday so it should not be showing up as available.


In regards to the site being down, I am showing your site is loading just fine on my end. Is your website still showing a loading error?


Your website should be up and running as intended, worst case scenario HYNY, if you believe something is not right on the website, I would contact support just to have them review the account and verify everything is all set.


Hi Jay,


Thanks for the reply! I tried contacting support, but I just could not connect to them. I'll try again later.


It was good (I think?) that my site ( is loading just fine on your end, but I just checked it again before I replied to this thread. I got the same thing showing up on all my browsers (Chrome, MS Edge, Firefox) - please see image attached. 




It says : THE DOMAIN IS NO LONGER PARKED BY GODADDY. As you may understand, I'm getting quite concerned now. Does this mean they no longer 'handle' this domain and is now available for anyone to use?


Thanks for the help!

Hi hyny,


What you are most likely experiencing is DNS propagation. When you first register a domain name, the generic parked page will display. Being that you activated a form of hosting, this very well could just be a propagation situation. 


You can try and use a site called GeoPeeker which should show you how your website is displaying in different locations:



Hope this helps!