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Cpanel Plesk host , FTP and Remote Database MSSQL still access but all domain in host not access

I using 3 host Ultimate Windows Hosting with Plesk of godady , 2/3 run quite good !

My problem in Host number 3

Cpanel Plesk and FTP , Remote Database MSSQL still access but all domain ( 30 domain )  in host not access in 1 to 2 day
but after 1-2 day all web in host Re-access is normal ... It's repeated

I feel tired !!

why's cause ?
please help me solving
Thank so much !!


Hello @vivian_itvn!


Thank you for posting. I'm sorry you are having trouble. I'm not sure I understand what you're experiencing. But it sounds like something you should reach out to our support team on so they can troubleshoot with you. 


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at