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Update to Newer version of SYDNEY Theme


I am running the older version of the Sydney theme there is an Updated version of the theme.

However I am unsure of how to go about updating to the Newer Version and still keeping all the modifications I have already made..

The Website is backed up every week using " UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin" to My GDrive.

Anyone know were I can find any help in going about this task.

Thanks In Advance






Re: Update to Newer version of SYDNEY Theme

Usually you can simply log into the site and update the theme under the section "updates". 


If you are having trouble with the theme update and keeping the customization's you made prior then you may want to contact the developer of the theme.


 If you are looking for a developer here is a part of godaddys website that can facilitate freelancers.

Mike L. | WebPro

Re: Update to Newer version of SYDNEY Theme

Hey @Docelectrical,


If this was a theme you installed through our Managed WordPress hosting plans, you should be able to update your themes and plugins here


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at

Re: Update to Newer version of SYDNEY Theme

Hi All


What I want to do is update the Sydney Theme to it's latest version without loosing any of the configurations, plugins, text etc.

I know that if I just click on update on the theme button all the changes I have made to the bare bone's of the theme will disappear and I will be left with just a Sydney theme, no text images and so on.


Has anyone ever tried "Child Theme Configurator plugin" I have looked on their website and viewed it on youtube and from what I can see it looks as if it can save the website if I update to a newer version of my theme.


I know I should have used a Child theme from the start, but it's done now, just have to try and get it sorted out.

Any ideas or comments would be most helpful.

Thanks in Advance



Re: Update to Newer version of SYDNEY Theme


Has anyone any knowledge of "Child Theme Configurator Pro" was thinking of using it to

save all my modifications on to a child theme and then updating my Parent them?