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    Domains/DNS: How it works and how to configure it in VPS

    I have a VPS server in Godaddy.  I have created 3 packages & I want to assign all domains accordingly After adding a domain and checked browser it says like "server DNS address could not be found." Then I have contact to Technical team. They want 1999 INR. But they created only 3 CPanel with my 3 domain.  But they committed to me that they assign those domain in the packages & and they will check server setup also.

    When contact them they only give me 2 article links and for the Technical support they want 1999 INR once again.

    I have already paid for the Technical support that’s mean they did nothing as per discussion!!!

    I have 3 servers in Godaddy, approx 42 domains I have recommended to my clients also (More then 20)
    What I am thinking now If Godaddy Technical team unable to resolve this problem, I will quit Godaddy.

    Really it's a horror experience working with Godaddy in last 7 days.

    Thank you

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    Re: Domains/DNS: How it works and how to configure it in VPS

    Is it for VPS or Ultimate Linux Hosting with cPanel/ Starter Linux Hosting with cPanel

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    Re: Domains/DNS: How it works and how to configure it in VPS

     Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 11.02.06.pngScreen Shot 2017-10-24 at 11.02.20.png


    Hi @bigideass,


    I am guessing you have managed with cPanel but extended support = more $

    If you are a newbie with servers, or simply having a lot of issues, then I recommend fully managed, because to employ a sysadmin will cost you considerably more, unless you hire a freelance developer / sysadmin who can do ad-hoc work and simply price you for the job. 


    Servers are a lot more work than it looks and to fully investigate your problems would need account access which support have, or you can allocate to someone who knows what they are doing.


    Cat Very Happy “I must politely inform you that I am NOT a Godaddy employee, just a freelance developer trying to help out a little when I can. Have a nice day!” Cat Very Happy


    Edit: @bigideass,

    I don't know what your last post means, you sound quite confused as to what you have exactly!