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    Importing godaddy shared cpanel hosting sites into godaddy vps server

    Hi everyone,


    I have purchased a Linux (Centos 6.xxx) VPS server and configured it.


    When I import my godaddy shared cpanel hosted sites into my new vps server, the sql databases go across but not the wordpress content. The folder is empty.


    I followed this godaddy article:



    After migration,  when I use the vps cpanel file manager it shows me:




    No wordpress content, empty folder.


    According to godaddy help link above, it states:


    Importing your site moves all of the shared hosting account's content (e.g. all of its files, databases, configured domains, etc.), but nothing outside of the hosting account (e.g. DNS zone files).



    What am I doing wrong? Are there other preliminary steps before importing the shared cpanel hosted sites into vps?


    Thank you




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    Hi @tradeyourrv, thanks for posting.

    I haven't seen any import issues similiar to what you described. I can only suggest that you try the import again. If your site is very large or has a lot of content, the import might take additional time to complete. You might also want to consider manually migrating any necessary files for your site.

    Otherwise, you might want to call Support so they can review your server and the import with you directly.


    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 Support | Check System Status