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    Appointment Calendar Staff Scheduling

    I am new to the Appointment Calendar feature but I added it to my site which is a hair salon and it was easy to setup but I am puzzled by the Staff Scheduling piece.  When I add a new staff member and turn off the "works same schedule as business hours" button it allows me to choose the days and hours that staff member will work but it doesn't allow me to do any customization of schedule.  If I put that staff member works Friday 9-5 it automatically makes them available for every Friday 9-5 for that week as well as EVERY future Friday.  Surely I am not the only one who has staff working different days and times each week, am I missing something?  Seems like a pretty basic function, I am not sure who would be able to use this app if it only allows staff to have the exact same schedule every week but I don't see any other options.  Hope I am just missing something...please help!  Thanks, 

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    Re: Appointment Calendar Staff Scheduling



    You aren't missing anything. 😉  The appointment scheduler is very basic and what you are looking to do is a bit more complex than an out of the box appointment app.  


    When I run into this type of scenario, I look at what is available and if there is a way I can make work by using it a bit differently than it may appear on the surface.


    So as a work around, you could try setting up each staff's schedule as a "Repeating Class".  This way you can designate their specific availability by date and time.   Would that work?


    If not, you may want to consider a platform or service that better fits your needs.   HTH! 😉


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    Re: Appointment Calendar Staff Scheduling

    I also have this same issue, it seems like it would be a need that many would have as well. While I like the appointment center function I want to be able to schedule days off, holidays, vacation time for staff that may or may not be the same as business hours. Our studio is closed a week at Thanksgiving and Christmas but I have no way of preventing our customers from booking those days. Please let us know when this is fixed.