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    How do I add a blog to my site and a page for news and updates with photos?

    Hi.I am putting a new website together and want to add a blog. I do not have an external blog. Can I not just have a blog on GoDaddy please? 


    Also how do I do a page where I can just enter news, updates etc with photos?



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    Re: How do I add a blog to my site and a page for news and updates with photos?

    If you are creating a brand new website and know already that yo would like a blog then I'd suggest you build your new website with WordPress @RBSS2017 because WordPress is literally built to blog. There are tons of templates for all kinds of website categories and your blog would be seamlessly integrated into your website.


    WordPress natively has two categories that would seemingly work well for your need. Pages is exactly as it sounds and would work well for your home, photos, about... Post are the blog feature of WordPress and would be great for your news and updates which I assume would be categories in your blog? I don't usually suggest WordPress as a solution but it really seems ideal for your need.


    Come back and let us know how it went for you and what you chose. I hope I helped?


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