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    How to add links to your images

    hi all, i am currently in the process of making my own site and am having trouble how to add links to images so that when somebody click on them, it sends them to another location. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to add links to your images



    You have to use one of the two Site Content widgets that show images.   Click the Green circular +, then Content, then one of the two provided layouts.


    => Click on the stock image provided.

    => You'll then see where you can upload your own images.

    => Below that is "Link to Page" where you can link to an established page or the very last option "Another URL".


    HTH! Smiley Wink

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    Re: How to add links to your images

    @Muse That's great, but I need more images than the 6 they gave me. Is there a way to get more?

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    Re: How to add links to your images

    Hi @wkovarik

    If you're interested, please feel to add a post to our "Supersize Your Website" forum and have other Community members check out your site to give you tips on things to add or improve. Thanks!


    Re: How to add links to your images

    How do you get the link to open in a new window??  Thanks.


    Image link to Shop category page in same window - Help needed

    I have added a "content" section, then I added an image.  I see choices on linking to a page that has been created, but can I link to a store category page?  I see the option for "Another website (URL), but that opens in a new window.  I want it to stay on the existing window "_blank" I believe.


    I can link to www.website.com/shop

    How do I link to www.website.com/shop?olsFocus=false&olsPage=t/product


    While remaining int he same window


    Any help would be appreciated!