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    My forms are not mailing. Pages too wide.


    This is my first visit to this forum so forgive me if this question is misplaced.


    On my web page I placed a form on the "Contact Us" page.  I click on the settings tab to establish the Mail for to:    Unfortunately it does not work.   Can someone offer help?


    Also,  the page image is wider than the screen - on Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc.    If I go to the site settings tab and use the sliders to change the image size there are no changes.  Again, help?




    Kim Nicholas

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    Helper VI

    Can you post your source or link please

    ~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @ fullstackwebsolution.com

    .... sorry.  I am not sure how to do that.


    @JHasselbring is just asking for the address (URL) of the page you're having problems with.  We can "view source" on that page, but it always helps if you can post the code that's causing the problems.  It sounds like you're not much into coding though so at least the URL of your home page.

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    Helper VI

    Thanks @D3 for clarifying that.  @KNicholas2, we need to see codes in order to pin point your problem... Without it, all I can tell you is "there's, most likely a problem with your CSS and HTML"

    ~Jan Mykhail Hasselbring Web Administrator @ fullstackwebsolution.com

    Thank you.  I gave up on the "form" and just wrote some html for contact stuff.




    As you can see,  the whole site is too wide - the sliders on the edit site do not do the job.



    Hello Kim!

    I have had similar experiences.

    I am no HTML expert. But screen sizes in terms of percent worked beautifully for me.

    Regardless of screen size, my images, and text are correctly positioned.

    Absolute screen size will always be a challenge for people outside of the limits.

    Keep on!



    It's frustrating to me how none of the forums give an answer to the Form emailing problem. I've been on the phone talking with techs and they want to say it's my/our problem. I have a faulty form design one said and they are not web designers. I had to tell him I have another server running the Identical Comment page and script. I'm not having any problem with it, but I can't get GoDaddy to work. All online solutions seem to be outdated and obsolete as GoDaddy has updated their site and cPanel. There is no longer a "Form Mail" icon to set it up. It's frustrating and seems GoDaddy would give us something to help. I'm thinking about moving my site to the site that works. Wish I had a solution and not only a complaint. 

    Hey @Ilovetofish,

    Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having. Keep in mind that issues with a contact form can vary. Without details of the specific error message you're encountering it's difficult for any member viewing this discussion familiar with it to offer a solution. 

    Is there an error message when it sends? Error log alerts? Is it sending but formatting wrong (similar to the original discussion here)? It's possible you might want to start a new discussion with more specific details of the error so folks can better suggest a solution.


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    How did you get the screen sizes to work in terms of percent? I'm experiencing the same problem, and to be quite honest... it sucks.. a lot. Any helpful information would be awesome! Thanks, I'll be searching the interwebs for a solution.