Best small scale business ideas for a post-lockdown world

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Vipin Labroo

The lockdown imposed in India in March was one of the most stringent in the world. While it was necessary to check the spread of COVID-19, it did cause unprecedented economic upheaval in the country while it lasted. In this post, let’s take a look at some small scale business ideas suited for a post-lockdown world.

While the economic situation is gradually improving, the world of commerce has been upended and requires a whole new approach.

In light of this, quite a few entrepreneurs have begun to explore new ways of meeting the growing demand for whole new categories of goods and services.

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1. Healthcare product sales

The demand for healthcare products like masks and hand sanitizers have gone through the roof in these fraught times. So, making healthcare products is first on our list of small scale business ideas.

One can easily hit the deck running with these businesses, as:

  • Mask-making machines are available for a modest Rs.1,15,000
  • Hand sanitizer makers cost a reasonable Rs.500,000

Given the times that we live in, many would consider this the best small scale business idea that there is!

2. Freelancing

Person Viewed from Above Typing on Laptop

Do you have expertise in any of these fields?

You can sell your services to clients across the world. Online freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork,, Guru, Truelancer and so on can be used to find paying clients.

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3. Affiliate marketing

If you happen to have a fair amount of traffic coming to your blog or website, you can leverage this profitably via affiliate marketing.

In this case, you advertise another company’s products and services on your website or blog.

Your earnings will come by way of a fixed percentage received on every product or service sold through your link. You will also receive a fixed percentage from any CPA (click per acquisition) affiliate programs.

One such program is GoDaddy’s Affiliate Program. All that’s required is for you to place a banner ad on your website, blog or email. You earn a small fee every time someone clicks on an ad and makes a purchase.

4. Home-based consultancy

If you have years of industry experience in a particular domain, you can easily set up your home consultancy business with minimal investment.

A phone, computer and a list of industry contacts is all that’s needed to start a lucrative consultancy career.

From HR and recruitment services to advice on immigration and the implementation of ERP systems, one can provide consultancy about a large number of things.

5. eBook author

For people with good writing skills, another great small scale business idea is to write and publish your own eBooks on Kindle.

If you have a large audience waiting to receive the content you create, you can look at turning in a neat income. The cost of publishing a book on Kindle is negligible and you can easily promote it through various online media.

6. eCommerce warehousing

With eCommerce sites being the flavour of the times, there’s a huge demand for warehouse space to store goods.

Man Taping a Cardboard Box Closed
If you have unused space, another small scale business idea is to rent it out.

If you happen to have something like a garage or a large hall that you can rent out, you would be able to make income every month.

7. Stock photography

If you are handy with a camera and like taking pictures, you can turn this into a modest income stream by selling your pictures to stock photography websites like:

  • iStock
  • Shutterstock
  • Getty Images
  • Photos of India
  • Dreamstime

A good camera is your only investment for this business.

8. Doorstep delivery

With people largely confined to their homes and preferring to order almost everything online, a doorstep delivery business is something that can be easily set up.

Everything from groceries and medicines to electronics and alcohol can be delivered to people’s doorsteps.

All that one needs to do is to hire the delivery personnel and obtain the necessary licenses, where required to get started.

9. Online tuition and coaching

The education sector has taken a huge hit in that regular classes are no longer happening and online classes have been the only way to impart knowledge to students.

Anybody with the appropriate knowledge and expertise can set up an online tuition and coaching business.

A computer, a good internet connection and a smartphone are the only investments required for this.

10. Food delivery business

erson Chopping Up Vegetables for Cooking

With the government allowing online delivery of food, one can easily start a food delivery business with minimal investment.

You will need to spend some money on setting up a kitchen and paying the salaries of the cook and the delivery personnel (if any). That apart, you will need to list your business with Swiggy or Zomato to allow people to order from you. Other than that, you are all set to start.

Small scale business ideas to consider

While the Indian economy is slowly but surely recovering and regaining lost ground, everybody has had to learn to adjust to new ways of going about their lives and conducting business.

Necessity, they say is the mother of invention.

A lot of people have found new opportunities in the post-lockdown world.

The 10 new small scale business ideas described here encompass a wide range, from manufacturing healthcare products, to warehousing and photography.

These allow just about anyone with an entrepreneurial flair and the right skill set to launch a low-investment business. The market for these products and services is rapidly expanding and one can look at a fairly reasonable rate of growth in the near to mid-term future.

As is often the case with momentous times like these, there is going to be an unprecedented increase in the scale of doing business once the pandemic begins to wind down. Businesses that are prepared to step up to the plate and deliver will be the ones to benefit the most from it.

In the meantime, it would make sense for those with ambition to make the most of the opportunities that have been presented to them.

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