Event Website

Life is better with events.

What kind of events do you do?

An event website can mean a lot of different things:

  • Event planning

  • Event hosting

  • Event logistics and coordination

  • Event ticket sales

The first step to launching your event website and business is honing in on a goal and purpose. What do you want your site to offer? Are you the brains behind the next big party in your area, or is your focus creating a website that acts as a hub of information for all events in your area? Do your events have a specific slant, theme or cause? Figuring out the niche you wish to occupy will help drive the direction of your website’s design and content.

What’s in a (domain) name?

For a successful event website, you first need the right domain. If you already have a name for your event business, see if it’s available as a domain name and buy it as soon as possible. Most domains are purchased for at least a year, with an annual renewal option.

Not seeing anything you like? Consider hosting a brainstorming session with some friends or colleagues to come up with some options. Remember, your website’s name should be easy to pronounce and easy to remember. It should also communicate what it is you do. If you plan on staying in one location or area perhaps, include some a geographic reference in your name, like Beehive State Events or Empire Event Planning, for example.

Choose a website builder that gets you online quickly.

When you’re building your event website, time can be of the essence. Depending on your schedule of events and your timeline, you might need to turn around a site pretty quickly.

Thankfully, many website builders allow users to create and deploy their sites in under an hour. Look for a template that lets easily you add (or edit) text, images and even video to communicate your message to readers. Many website builders also offer extras like ecommerce plugins, email marketing, and social integration, so you can complete your online presence through one tool. Do some research before you commit to a contract with a website builder - make sure it allows you to include features (like calendars) that you want and be sure of what fees may apply.


Brand your events and business with a logo.

One of the quickest ways to catch the eye is with a distinctive logo. Spend some time researching successful event websites and businesses to see what types of logos and treatments they use and get some inspiration for your logo design. If you don’t have the technical skills to design a logo, look online for affordable logo design services.

Tell people how you’re different.

In a sea of competition, how do you intend on getting noticed? What is it about your event planning and hosting services that draw customers in? Maybe you specialize in bringing together underrepresented groups, or your events have a philanthropic angle, with a portion of your profits donated to local organizations.

Whatever it is that makes your event planning services unique should be front and center in your messaging and on your website. Craft your website content around your unique approach to events. Consider partnering with organizations that have the same values and goal as your event business to reach additional audiences.

Create a hub for all the action.

Another possible route for an event website is acting as an aggregated site for events hosted in a specific area or region. Design an event calendar that includes all the latest parties and events happening in your city. Leverage your connections and look for opportunities with communities and organizations that frequently host events, then feature those events on your site. Linking to calendars from different communities or organizations can be a great way to establish your site. If possible submit your own events to community calendars to expand the reach of your own content.

Expand the reach of your event website.

Once you’ve launched your event website, there are still more things you can do to keep it growing. Check out the below resources that can help you increase the impact and reach of your website: