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Buying Domain names for all extensions

Hi All,


I am new to the concept of domain investing and have a doubt I would like to clarify. When one is buying domains, is it prudent to buy all extensions for the same name or just a single extension would suffice. Eg: If my domain name is yahoo and it is available on godaddy should I stick to buying only or is it better to buy .in, .org , .net for yahoo.


I got this doubt after trying to appraise my domain in another website and  one of the reasons cited was .org and .net are also available. Hence the value for my domain in less. Please  advise.




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Re: Buying Domain names for all extensions



I am not a professional domain investor, just someone who owns a bunch, sold a bunch and have worked with lots of onliners to attain the domain(s) they really want.


With all the extensions available, .com is still the most valuable TLD.  Owning all the primary TLDs (for example .com, .org, .net, .biz and .edu)  can make sense.  It prevents others from riding on your coattails or diluting your brand.  So if you have a bundle of the domain extensions for that would apply to that particular domain's market it would make sense to purchase them.


That said, TLDs are for specific uses, right?  You won't use a .org if you are not a .org -- same for  .edu.  .orgs and .edus are the only ones who would or should use those domains.  So determining what is most desirable for that particular domain is key -- including the fact that if someone else owns the .com the value of all the others could be diminished.


Purchasing all available extensions can get pricey and many are not valuable or desirable to the masses.  So unless the domain is a *really, really, really* good domain, purchasing every extension isn't worth the investment as you would then have to find a buyer who wants to purchase them all so you can recoup your investment.    In my experience most do not.


I know there are a couple folks who are into domain investing for a living that stop by here on occasion -- maybe they'll pipe in with their experiences.  HTH! Smiley Wink


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Re: Buying Domain names for all extensions

Hi @Muse,


Thank you very much for the advice. Reading this makes me feel a lot better that I didn't go for all the extensions for my domain  :-) .


Have a great weekend.