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Go Daddy Owns Similar Domain Names as Registrar



I have purchased different variants of a domain name and wanted to add .com to my list, only to find out via a whois search that Go Daddy has purchased it themselves.... and for a fee of $120 + commission I might be able to buy it? 

How is this possible? 


Re: Go Daddy Owns Similar Domain Names as Registrar

Hi @bdiack,


The process you're describing, preventing you from purchasing a domain in order to attempt to profit from it later, is known as domain front-running.  GoDaddy does not and will not participate in front running.


What is probably likely is one of two things:

1.  The domain is owned by a GoDaddy customer who may be utilizing private registration, showing the information of Domains By Proxy (a GoDaddy company) in the WHOIS information.  When you search the domain on our WHOIS, it may offer you our Domain Buy Service, which is a service where our domain buy agents reach out to the current owner to attempt to negotiate a sale:

2.  The domain could be up for sale as a premium domain by its current owner.  GoDaddy's auctions platform allows domain registrants to sell their domains as premium domains, and the registrant is the one setting the price on it.


If you have questions on the registration of the domain, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer care anytime.


Hope that helps.



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Re: Go Daddy Owns Similar Domain Names as Registrar

they did the same think to me with my family name, they are booking every single word that you type and use it to resell it to you.